By luroluro - United States
Today, I had to address a flatulence issue with an employee. Other employees are complaining about the smell. I have to continue addressing the issue until it stops. So far, I've talked to her about it 4 times. No end in sight. FML
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  Juliaa15  |  6

Whatever happened to "it's natural"?
Or "better out than in"?
Or "the dog did it"?

I wouldn't stop either, having a stank will help me get my work done. No one wants to talk to stink ass. ):

  cgyguy  |  0

y'all are heartless. imagine that poor persons embaressment having to live with uncontrolled flactuance. would you just rather hthem stay home and collect welfare? jc, have a heart!

  rofflewaffle  |  9

As someone who suffers from IBS and other gastrointestinal issues, I have to say that everyone here is being incredibly insensitive and ignorant. She can't just stop any more than you can stop a cough or runny nose. I have tried many medications and none of them stop the gas. It must be absolutely humiliating for this poor woman, and you guys advocate terminating her employment because of her disorder. This employee could easily get a diagnosis of a medical condition and sue the company for discrimination.
She's not doing it on purpose. She's not doing it to be malicious. She's not choosing them to smell a certain way.
If she had Tourette's and made random noises, it would be annoying but you'd also be much more understanding. People think because "farts are funny" it's ok to mock sick people, and it's not.

By  perdix  |  29

I guess she doesn't give a shit.

Buy her some of those charcoal underpants and deduct it from her co-workers wages. They'll be happy with the sacrifice.

By  The_Darth_Wabbit  |  3

just bring up the issue as much as you can to embaress her. like in the commercial, "your son, Rip, is on line toot." another one can be, is pretend to insult her work, walk by and say "you're going to do some 'shitty work' doin that."