By dead rats
Today, I had a terrible stomach ache and had some pretty bad gas at work. I tried to head down to the basement for a while to allow my coworkers to continue in peace. About an hour after I came back up, my boss called pest control due to the horrible smell that "must be dead rats". FML
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By  alohaui  |  18

That's why I love to fart outside. 1.) I can find a place where I'm secluded. 2.) & the best part is, your farts just kind of dissipate into the open air around you, then you walk away and there's no shame. You should try it!

By  HippoSpinner  |  3

"It smells bad. It HAS to be dead rats."
Why did you jump straight to a worst case scenario? And without seeing any dead rats? What, do you think they crawled into the walls and shit without leaving ANY trace?
Can rats even do that?
I've never seen a rat before. Someone let me know if they're ninjas. I know they can squeeze through spaces smaller than they are. So that's pretty cool.