By wow - 23/06/2011 08:53 - France

Today, I had to explain to my teenage daughter that no, the dishwasher didn't make the glasses shrink, I'd bought smaller glasses. FML
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its not so cute when its your teenage daughter....maybe if it was a 5 year old..

enonymous 8

My glasses are made from 100% pure cotton... shrinks every time in the wash


its not so cute when its your teenage daughter....maybe if it was a 5 year old..

Idiotic daughter. Is she by any chance a blonde?

Not so cute, really. OP's daughter isn't the brightest bulb in the box. If it were your daughter you'd feel pretty bad.

BigHoshJosh 0

why do people keep wasting first comments! there should be a rule where the first comment has to be witty or some what funny!

if they were similar in style i could understand that. But glass is glass... Give her a break, the mistake isn't totally irrational.

#30: That rule should apply to every comment, not just the first one.

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Nothing like a good old blonde moment. o_O

enonymous 8

My glasses are made from 100% pure cotton... shrinks every time in the wash

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guess she's not going to Harvard...

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not when the daughter is teen age...

If you really want to trip her out, put the glass in the freezer a while and then pour boiling water in it.

Relax ppl , cant u guys see she's a blonde

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30 - Wasting firsts comments. Wow. Sad.

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Hope she has the looks to backup the smarts.

Pretty much makes the glass explode, 159. At least that's what should happen.

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31: umm, yes it is. Even if they were similar in style, it still would be the dumbest question ever.

#31 it is really dumb for a teenager 2 think glass can shrink actually

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I think someone is going to Harvard.

I think the daughter is an excellent troll lol :p

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well maybe the hear shrinked them!

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there is no way around the fact that OP's daughter is a blond :/

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145 - It's "eh", not "ay". If you're going to make fun of Canada, do it right. :P (This FML is from France, btw.)

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chillax, the kid is probably only 13 years old.

kellysmith69 1

pretty sure a 13 year old should have more common sense.

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40 - She must be REALLY rich.

i recomend you take english 071 to understand basic composition.

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98- A teenager isn't an age, it's an approximation between 13 and 19 ;)

ReptarRAWR23 0

Isn't it 13 18?because then legally your adult.

The clue is in the title; "TEENager" so, the numbers with "teen" on the end. At least, that's my understanding of it.

oarisimo 4

Jesus people, he probably meant specifically. quit being assholes...

it just doesn't really matter the age between 13 and 19 I mean she's a dumbass anywhere between those.

omfg_creepers 8

she needs to get a good education

omfg_creepers 8

well excuse me sir, I find that comment very rude and would like an apology

chlorinegreen 27

get used to rude comments. there is nothing wrong with you but when you write comments, you might as well be throwing yourself to the dogs. which is why I don't write much, it gets depressing. op your daughter is an airhead. I hope she's good looking or she really would have nothing going for her.

oh! guinee frog *dives off screen (southpark reference)

chlorinegreen 27

I could have sworn you said "erection"...

You deserve to be stalked with a name like that. And you need ro get an education as well. And grow up

How old is she? if she's a little child then it's cute. If not, well she needs a little science tutoring.

uh in the fml it says that she's a teenager...

Bobbie and OPs TEENAGE daughter shouldn't procreate. Society would be so ******* dumb.

I guess I should have read more closely. It's what happens when skimming to kill time.

I made the same mistake and reread the post; some of us have lives and can't focus on every word of an FMLpost ;)

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then get off of FML? Not knowing how to read isn't a sign of having a life. it's a sign of you sucking at life.

it's really not that big of a deal that he missed a word in an fml... no need to insult bobbie

you must be an extremely slow reader then..

Woah woah woah.... So the dishwasher DOESN'T shrink dishes?! O_O

StarReis 16

aw what? it doesn't shrink glasses?!? this just ruined my day.. -_-

9,ur comment shoulda been the first.

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is your child mentally handicapped?

there is a line between funny and crude, and I would say you most definitely crossed it. making fun of people with any kind of ailment, disorder, or disease that they can't help is NOT comedy.

I don't think she was trying to insult the daughter. It's a valid question when you're not making fun of people.

whether or not she was trying to be funny or just throwing that out there, it's still rude and unnecessary.

CaptinObvious467_fml 2

Here let my put that into nicer terms. Is your kid retarded?

melibear89 7

#10 f*ck off same goes for you #127. better hope none of your kids end up with a mental disorder though that will be karma biting you in ass!