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  CallMeHush  |  0

Oh, no problem, I didn't think it was for me but I knew it wasn't one of my best comments ever, it is slightly out of context. I was trying to grab the top and not be a tool at the same time.

I've become so aggravated with the post hijackers that I don't even bother if it goes past the second page on my touch (often). The phone/touch apps are crapping this place up.

Well, off to the coal mines for the night...

  1zinzanzin  |  0

omg u is stupid ok they ain't all color blind they see in a beta vision than us not infored but I can't remember the name but a preditor can see in it he has 2 visions not infored but the one that is grey and black

By  xundria  |  5

I bet you enjoyed it too, didn't you?


Angryninja... We have a code. Only be a pig to ugly people such as yourself because we know it will get to you. If you're tired of it then stop reading. God forbid you read another and we waste time reading about how much you can bitch about something that can he changed nor does anyone care about.