By aaalias34 - 26/02/2010 11:13 - United States

Today, my dog farted. Immediately, he turned around to sniff his stink then furiously licked his butthole. He then licked my nose. FML
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The face has changed but the breath's the same.

u know dogs are only color blind and not blind I'm sure your face looked like an asshole to him !!!

orph_the_d 5

Why the fark did you let him lick your nose? Sounds like you wanted it.

dogs mouths are cleaner that humans!!! aparently not

Oh, no problem, I didn't think it was for me but I knew it wasn't one of my best comments ever, it is slightly out of context. I was trying to grab the top and not be a tool at the same time. I've become so aggravated with the post hijackers that I don't even bother if it goes past the second page on my touch (often). The phone/touch apps are crapping this place up. Well, off to the coal mines for the night...

mikeyboi19 5

why did you allow your dog to lick your face you sick freak

isreal 0

if u saw your dog do that y would u let him lick your face you r dumb

asianwolf 2

op is such a freakbag. why would you let the dog lick you. ydi

so you have a touch and you are complaining bout them? what a turd

Dog's loss... Human skin is dirtier than a dog's asshole. Look it up if you don't believe me.

1zinzanzin 0

omg u is stupid ok they ain't all color blind they see in a beta vision than us not infored but I can't remember the name but a preditor can see in it he has 2 visions not infored but the one that is grey and black

actually, dogs aren't color blind.. just pointing it out to u.

xundria 5

I bet you enjoyed it too, didn't you?

Actually, I think you look like you would enjoy getting a fart lick on the nose.

Cmc520 0

and u just sat there and let him. U NASTY!!

Your life will never be the same again. Seriously, that's not an FML, buddy.

While I agree that this was pretty lame, FML isn't about ******* up your ENTIRE life.

It's a she, a pussy. ******* can be quite sensitive about stuff like that. So FYL for being a pussy of a pussy.

AngryNinja 1

yeah, okay, 'cause you wouldn't mind if your dog did that to you. go **** yourself, asswipe. helps if you get ribs taken out. -.-

AngryNinja 1

yes, pen, you're doing it right. i'm so tired of the sexist pigs on here. -.-

AngryNinja 1

ah well. plenty of anger to go around.

Pearljammer001 0

@ angryninja, aren't we all? and I'm a GUY!

AngryNinja 1

*claps for pearljammer* you don't know how happy i am that there's guys on here that are as tired of the sexist pigs as i am. ;)

shutup you dumb broad...less talky more booby

Dude, if you have noticed, FMLs are small anecdotes that have messed up someone's day, not really something that screws up their entire life.

Angryninja... We have a code. Only be a pig to ugly people such as yourself because we know it will get to you. If you're tired of it then stop reading. God forbid you read another and we waste time reading about how much you can bitch about something that can he changed nor does anyone care about.

okay so why didn't you push him away? abd why were you watching him lick his butthole?

oh hell no, gross! whyy would you even let him get that close to you.?!

buttonface 0

agreed. although, cats fart too.

but cats don't "furiously lick there butthole" afterwards(:

3rdbass 9

Have an animal that scratches you like nothing? No thanks.