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Today, I found out that my dad has been trying to take money out of my savings account to pay for divorce fees and a hammock. FML
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That shouldn't be a problem unless its not a good hammock

A7X_LoVeee 10

Damn. I'll never understand how parents can steal from their kids or vice versa for that matter.


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I don't understand how the kids smart. Unless you're referring to the father But hey. Gotta do what you gotta do.

BigHoshJosh 0

I can understand why he did that. I mean cmon it's a hammock!

jazziness 12

I think you were talking about a different FML even though the kid wasn't that smart.

gabe2014 0

well he's gonna need a place to sleep after divorce and maybe he likes outdoors :)

at least u can use the hammock, although I can't say much about the divorce fees... 2 bedrooms maybe? idk, gl in life kid.

I'm with 1. The kid is smart for figuring it out. Sounds like it took some investigation.

eog314 0

i ******* hate that. happened to my good friend but she got her money back.

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The moral of the story is, you can't trust the system

Badshah29 6

hey da dad spent lots on his kid to get him to grow up and be able to earn. He has every right to get some money back :p

gabstahhh 8

It was 'da dads' responsibility to pay for all the kids necessities growing up...

enonymous 8

Moral of the story... get Macsurance... -Macsurance does not cover acts of god, Mac and cheese stolen by pets

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Actually, 'da dad' does NOT have a right to take their childs money simply because they take care of them. Parents are legally obligated to take care of their kids, kids hoeever are not obligated to pay for daddy's divorce.

Badshah29 6

say wat u wish, da fact remains dat u owe your life to your dad :P

so OP should get financially screwed over because their dad banged their mom? that makes sense

Badshah29 6

he should help his dad financially cuz dats wat his dad did 4 him. U people r sick

Badshah29 6

u guys say that it was the dads responsibility to provide necessities 4 his kid growing up. Well now its the kid's responsibility to help his old age father

I hardly consider divorce fees and a hammock necessities

and the dad could've asked for some money instead of trying to steal it. plus we don't even know if the dad has financial problems, he might just be stingy

September_fox 2

Obvious troll is obvious. . . and also not very clever or funny.

Comet_Candy 23

70 - I thought it was a The Lonely Island reference. "I Threw it on the Ground", listen to it.

Get your own bank account. Problem solved.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Most banks require you to be 18 to have your own. Well at least where I live that's the case. Point is, maybe OP isn't old enough.

he/she probably does.. notice the word.. tried

If he didn't actually get any money, then why is it even here?

That shouldn't be a problem unless its not a good hammock

xGraycloud 4

^ okay this is off topic but your pic rocks (x

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I'm gonna need that shirt... Thanks :-)

she was sad because her father spent her savings account money, which she was going to eat as a midnight snack later. I would be pretty depressed too

actually it only says he tried I hope that asshole didn't get anything

MissMittens 0

Probably not something as awesome as buying a hammock

A7X_LoVeee 10

Damn. I'll never understand how parents can steal from their kids or vice versa for that matter.

7 maybe the parent is making a list they did for OP can pay it back when OP is older.

huh? You're saying maybe the parents did things for OP in the past, and OP owes their dad something?

46 thank you sweet babuh Geezus! For grammar Nazis I know it's "baby Jesus."

mrsassypants I always enjoy your comments

have you ever laid in a hammock? stop being selfish.

if u don't have sunny days you wudnt be in a hammock any way...

missIrene 6

every one should have a hammock !

omfg_creepers 8

go take money out of his savings account to buy a gun and shot him in his chest area so he dies for the troubles he has given you

"Urh, my dad took money off me! Let's take his life off him! HURR DURR!" Seriously, the hell is wrong with you?

leemurcat 5

I think(hope) he's trollin...

omfg_creepers 8

I'm sorry or my inappropriate post, please forgive me

Tell him to GTFO your account. He should ask first for the money not just take it.