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  Nordrag  |  26

The Op did the world a huge favor. Killed a spider, and aided in the turning of a pig into delicious bacon by doing so.
I salute you brave soldier.

  Snowkeys  |  11

I am aware, I just failed to see how it's a Fml. They crawl into your mouth when you sleep anyway. I was putting a positive spin on op's situation with higher protein. :)

  rg350dx  |  29

That's definitely 1-upping complaining. But if you're going for the whole "misery loves company" idea, invite OP into your basement with you... On second thought, that sounds a bit creepy.

  Sinistra_Blue  |  12

"You know what goes great with spiders? Drinking my own pee." I always felt bad for the camera men on those survival type shows, cause you just know they've gotta feel awkward drinking their bottled water while Bear Grylls drinks his own urine.