By buttercup92 - 31/5/2016 03:45 - United States - San Antonio
Today, while hiking, I walked face first into a spider web. Freaking out, I shook my hair out in case there was a spider. Later on in the day the spider fell from my hair into my food. FML
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  Crossing  |  17

Actually no. Since people want to continously say "somthing Americans would do," or "Only in America". They could atleast capitalize it properly. Since, you know. Only in America.

By  SpartyOnWayne  |  18

It's not the end of the world, OP! I'm sure the spider was more scared of you than you were of him. After all, you did crash headfirst into its home

By  embarass  |  14

I have really thick hair and I've had bees, flies and spiders getting stuck in it just from being outdoors
I feel you OP lol
I hope it didn't bite your head