Today, it’s been a week since I arrived in Cuba. Gustav came to visit us. Now it’s Hannah’s turn. Ike and Josephine want to come and say hi too. They’re not friends of ours, but rather the next cyclones that may pass by the island. FML

By weatherlike - / Tuesday 2 September 2008 05:12 / Cuba
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  PapiiChuloo  |  4

Yea i was living in a small town when that happened. On the news it said that Orlando was safe and wasnt going to be hit but our town was. So we packed up and went to Orlando. Literally the very next day the hurricane changed paths and missed our town and came straight to Orlando. I was like 5 at the time so i was so scared.

By  honestjane  |  21

They're called hurricanes in this hemisphere. But anyway, my grandmother died the night Gustav came through. It was right before her 9th birthday and I have no idea why I'm sharing this.

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