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  fmlwmty  |  0

that's what you get for having a fro... those were so 80's

  cowboyup1  |  0

that will teach u not to have an Afro


Haha I imagine the scene from Charlotte's Web when all the baby spiders fly away saying their goodbyes. So cute. You'll tear up when they leave you, OP. You're babies will grow up fast.

  kkutting  |  2

as a hairdresser (same for barbers) we aren't supposed to touch a clients head (hair) if they have any form of bug(s) in their hair. the only option is to shave his/her own hair. or cutting it ULTRA short!

  Randuhh_17  |  4

113-you need to hush..talkin' out of your ass, just makes you sound idiotic.

As to OP, shave it. Don't risk gettin' bit by one (or all) of those bitches...

  boatsundhoes  |  0

if he takes a shower, the babies will glide down his body into the nooks and crannies. 1 mysterious spider baby will make a home in his belly button. therefore, shaving it is a better decision.

  mintcar  |  9

101, reading comprehension isn't your thing, is it?
It's common sense to suggest a hair cut after something like this has happened to the OP.
Because they posted the same thing does not mean he or she copied the above statement. Also both comments were posted at the exact same time. .

"lololol omg u copy some1 else. lolol. "

You're an idiot.