By Anonymous - 11/05/2011 17:34 - United Kingdom

Today, I walked through a spider's web with hundreds of baby spiders on it. My afro is now infested. FML
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Yeah, if he asks what those things crawling in his hair are, just say "it's nothing, just my babies".


ClingyOtter 4

I'd go to the doctor for that...

johnson94 5

you're going to be a proud father! *tears up*

I wouldn't, I think the barber is a better choice.

ClingyOtter 4

If I was a barber, I wouldn't want to go near a spider infested afro.

Which is why you don't tell the barber! :D

Yeah, if he asks what those things crawling in his hair are, just say "it's nothing, just my babies".

pwincessa23 1

I love how 45 makes op sound so calm. I laughed so much at that.

EverybodyHatesCh 0

(ghost busters theme song) who you gonna call?!?!

that's what you get for having a fro... those were so 80's

that will teach u not to have an Afro

RainbowHeadache 2

Haha I imagine the scene from Charlotte's Web when all the baby spiders fly away saying their goodbyes. So cute. You'll tear up when they leave you, OP. You're babies will grow up fast.

ienjoithinqs 0

FYL! But was there a reason to walk through a spider web in the first place??

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

82 ur a freaking redneck, I shoot bigger guns so sit down boy

prince122 0

maybe you'll have spider man powers but shoot a web out your fro.

HannahMarshall 6

it's probably his natural hair dumbass..

Exeedingmango 0

123 that was one of the most funniest things I ever read!!!!! I literally lol

hey 113 it's really easy to say that from behind a computer screen.

I read some the comments on here, and some are just ignorant...What is he supposed to do if thats his natural hair?

ieatcats 0

just because not all of us care to live to everyones standards dosnt mean you have to be a dick

lakeybalboa 0

afros originated in america during the blues/jazz era. i think.

uncbballwins 0

113- Why u gotta b a doosh huh?

as a hairdresser (same for barbers) we aren't supposed to touch a clients head (hair) if they have any form of bug(s) in their hair. the only option is to shave his/her own hair. or cutting it ULTRA short!

i think this is the only negative aspect of an afro...

at least u have an Afro!!!! that's so doooope!!

firstrecon 0

spiders are one of the two things in am scared of, if I were you man, I'd freak out.

firstrecon 0

^ see proof spiders are evil and out to get you.

******* WASH IT. I think I'm the first one to suggest this

Randuhh_17 4

113-you need to hush..talkin' out of your ass, just makes you sound idiotic. As to OP, shave it. Don't risk gettin' bit by one (or all) of those bitches...

What he needs is a professional monkey to groom his hair for bugs. I'm up for the job!

doctors can't stop him from being a dirty black guy...

iReadFmlsFml 0

But the beautiful Afro :'(.......

if he takes a shower, the babies will glide down his body into the nooks and crannies. 1 mysterious spider baby will make a home in his belly button. therefore, shaving it is a better decision.

eatmyshortssss1 8

I must congratulate your excellent wording, sir.

sounds like you need to call orkin my friend

nucky_fml 5

look at it this way, free snacks and doesn't have to reach too far for one either

Spiders are disgusting, babies are even more disgusting. I would have probably have a panic attack.

well on the way there you'd get a nice tingling massage

bjohnst12 0

I think you just copied #5 jusst sayin

dude they posted them at the exact same time .. awks

mintcar 9

How is 6 copying 5? It's called /common/ sense?

bjohnst12 0

92 that made no sense at all

Ddylan88 0

bro, look at the time of both of them, dumbass.

mintcar 9

101, reading comprehension isn't your thing, is it? It's common sense to suggest a hair cut after something like this has happened to the OP. Because they posted the same thing does not mean he or she copied the above statement. Also both comments were posted at the exact same time. . "lololol omg u copy some1 else. lolol. " You're an idiot.

157- I hope that was just a scanty attempt at humor.

JustinThunder 8

I would have ran screaming. Then take three showers.


Haha same but instead I would shower a ton then shave the afro....

Takes too longtime get an Afro. It's probably his precious.

Just sink yo' head in water for a few mins to drown them, then straighten your hair, comb out the spiders then have it re-afroed

Beebow_fml 5

I can picture him doing this and having hundreds of spiders crawling up his face to safety instead.

I would heat up some water, because heat + water always kills bugs/spiders.

Zoxl 0

You do you still have a afro?

ItWasAllWorthIt 0

Nothing unless infested with spiders.

danz123 7

Haha, I've always wondered how annoying it'd be to walk through a spider's web with an afro. It's the ultimate tangle.