By Anonymous - 14/02/2012 12:39 - Australia

Today, I walked into two things. The first was a spiderweb. The second, due to blind panic, was oncoming traffic. FML
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markrs 0

The itsy bisty lady walked into the spider's web. Panic panic panic, now the lady's dead.

Don't worry if that's the case spiderman should be near


Well, where you hit?

BarDownDaily 12

Where you hit? Da fuck? And if they WERE hit, I'm sure it would have been mentioned.

6 - do you love saying "da fuck" or what Ive seen you comment that a lot

Why da fuck does it matter teague95!?

You know... in life there are a lot of things that warrant a "da fuck" comment.

... And they said spider webs couldn't kill.

56 - walking out in traffic can

Don't worry if that's the case spiderman should be near

So2011 4

I wonder where OP was that she got close to oncoming traffic.

infaith 5

best comment I heard in awhile! :)

11 - The way I figured it, she was trying to cross the road and the spider web was hanging from the traffic lights or something.

SherBear133 7

Nah, like any other college student, his web-slinging ass is broke. Don't expect him to fly out just to save an idiot across the world. For that, you have superman.

The fail train of comments...

don't you love the feeling of a spider web to the face?

ICaughtFire 4

Do you have a face #3? No one wants to see "your" abs.

What's your opinion on abs with a face? Do people want to see that?

My opinion on profile pictures is that I don't want to see some dudes shirtless body. This isn't a dating sight.. Just.... Quit.

@71, this isn't a dating sight?! Man, somebody scent me hear to get a date. Looks like I'm a bit out of touch.

I've never been scent anywhere... Maybe sent but definitely not scent.

#80 call me a word nazi, but scent and hear have to do with two of your 5 senses. Lol sent and here. Don't be mad, I just saved you two points on a spelling assignment.

Neither of you caught that? Really? @83, read your first comment on this thread again and look really carefully and then read what I wrote. I was poking fun at your usage of sight over site. And @84, I was utilizing the senses you pointed out. You explained my joke for me, but didn't get it. Weird. Ah, forget it, I'll be more obvious next time.

I got it off the bat and thought it was great. :)

markrs 0

The itsy bisty lady walked into the spider's web. Panic panic panic, now the lady's dead.

That was beautiful!

SkateboardGirl88 11

You know you sang-read it, hands down!

Pay more attention to your surroundings!! :) haha.

borkchop1992 15

I call fake dead people can't use computers

Idonebeenhad 17

Reminds me of that 'Hellen Keller vs traffic' joke.

iAmScrubs 19

It's okay. There's nothing like a little bit of Frogger to improve one's day.

perdix 29

I can see the spider sitting there saying, "Dayum! I didn't know it was going to work THAT well!"

I'm not sure what would stop traffic better - a pedestrian getting hit by a car or a panicking idiot running through the the street waving her hands above her head at an invisible spider.

Holy shit iAmScrubs, Perdix, and Doc commenting together. illuminati