By Anonymous - 08/09/2009 19:02 - United States

Today, as I was walking through the park I had to yawn. In mid-yawn, with my mouth wide open, I walked right through a spider web getting both the spider and the prey it was eating stuck in my mouth. FML
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It's impolite to yawn with your mouth wide open. :)


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Better out than in I always say.

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Well, if you don't cover your mouth then....FISH HOOK!!! I do that with my friend all the time and it's taught me to cover my mouth. Also, OP, wouldn't you expect something to fall/fly/land in your mouth when it's wide open and you're IN a park? Sorry, but when I'm outside, I'm a little paranoid about that kind of stuff...

You shut your mouth when your talking to me!

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exactly what my first thought was lol this fml keeps making me yawn D:

my sentiments exactly. YDI... have manners

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Haha. This reminds me of those children's toys where you open each barrel and a smaller one resides inside. A fly inside a spider, inside someone who can't cover his mouth whilst yawning.

hmm, i was just going to put cover your mouth etc, but then so many people have, so can't be arsed now xD

there was an old lady who swallowed a fly, why o why did she swallow a fly, perhaps shell die. there was an old lady who swallowed a spider, she swallowed the spider to catch the fly why o why did she swallow the fly, perhaps she'll die. it's a song a daycare sang to me when I was little about not swallowing poison... the old bat swallowed a bird next...

It's impolite to yawn with your mouth wide open. :)

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you know where that covering-your-mouth came from? in the middle ages, people feared that their soul would get out if they diddn't cover their mouths. What you see as the non-rude thing to do is actually an ancient and quite stupid superstition. Still, I cover my mouth too and am not too eager to see the inside of other people's mouth

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Stuck? Really? So big that they got STUCK in your mouth, yet you didn't see them nor the web as you walked toward them?!?!? Nope, not buying it. Not voting either.

That remind me of Star Wars Episode 1 when Obi Wan was in the underwater ship and was being pursued by a sea monster, which was then eaten by an even larger sea monster. The only difference would be that, in Star Wars, Obi Wan made it out alive.

... only a complete nerd could make that sound cool... =D

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we eat loads of spiders when we sleep anyway. actually, that's possibly a myth and every source i've seen tells a different story.