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Today, at a science-fiction convention, a woman came up to me and told me that my white face paint was a mess, my contacts looked cheap, and my costume was an all-round failure. I wasn't wearing a costume, I'm an albino. FML
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Did you call her out on being a total ******* asshole?

Damn. Did you tell her off? And tell her you are an albino?


Did you call her out on being a total ******* asshole?

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate...wait, what?

Sorry for replying to the top comment, but there's a typo in the FML, a simple auto correct, it says, "told my that my" I think it should be, "told ME that my.." Could you look into that FML team?

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#33- Not necessarily. If something like this happened to me, I'd call her out on it for sure. And then I would post it on FML so everyone could read about it cuz it's a messed up situation.

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Damn OP I'm sorry that sucks. You should have yelled at her and been like haven't you seen Powder I can mess your shit up with my electric persona !

Yeah... even if you'd actually be wearing a costume, that's extremely rude

Willtay: I LOVE your pic! Grell is hilarious!

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& obviously retarded! How can you think someone has makeup & contacts when they don't?! Moron!

The lady probably thought your "costume" looked to good and wanted to bring you down since she felt inferior compared to you. I'm sure you look fine, OP. Albinos are special as is every individual. Embrace it :)

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While I do not agree with him, it is very much something to joke about. How is this concept so hard to get? Everything can and has to be joked about, otherwise there is no true freedom of speech.

I have a good friend who is albino. She doesn't look fake at all. Even her violet coloured eyes are very much real. Going out in public people would constantly stare. It's not easy taking something like that as a joke.

Damn. Did you tell her off? And tell her you are an albino?

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No, I meant what the woman said to OP was ****** up.. Not OP defending themself.

so your comment was not ment for #3?

Ignore her OP. Haters are always going to hate. There are too many wonderful people on this earth to bother with the likes of her.

Don't forget, karma is a mean bitch! :)

As long as you know you're beautiful, no one can tell you otherwise. Ps. Talk about being a judgmental maggot, tell her to mind her own business.

And than don't forget to mention that just like people, maggots can be considered albino too! Hahaha

That makes no sense... Either clarify or go away.

Seems like everyone is discriminated against in this day and age! Poor you OP, I hope you gave the silly bitch a stern talking to afterwards and demanded an apology.

Everyone, of all different kinds, have always been discriminated, in one way or the other. No matter the 'day or age'.

I don't think I've ever seen an albino, you're a special kind of person! Don't let a sci-fi nerd get you down!

And that's odd. Because most nerds are accepting kind of people.

#6, how about something more like "don't let idiots get you down"? People who like SF aren't necessarily nerds and certainly aren't all the same; OP was, after all, at the same convention.

Sorry, OP. Honestly, some people are just vicious. Take her comment for what it is (absolute garbage) and go about your day. You can't change what people think of you; only how you react to their opinions. Good luck!

I love how there's people in this world who think it's their civic duty to criticize the shit out of others, **** those people

It appears you can't fix stupid, Op. Sorry you had to deal with that. :p

Nope, can't fix stupid. But it is possible to numb it temporarily with a 2x4.