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  Kheasus  |  8

Actually, all she needed to do was call a nurse at the facility and they would have taken care of it. Sadly, as an Emergency dispatcher, I get calls like this all the time... We have no choice but to send somebody to help...

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Yeah, but typically the staff at those places are also alerted. They should have responded first and known enough to call off the paramedics. One can't expect someone at an assisted living facility to always respond rationally. That's why its an "assisted" living facility.

  Sora_McKain  |  36

#36 You are so right. I work at an assisted living facility and it is for this season that the residents have to have permission from staff to make a phone call, even from their own cell phones!

  Enslaved  |  36

WTF! What type of porn do you watch?! You worked as a paramedic and if you were called to an "assisted living home" you would think about getting laid? :P

  Tdrizzzzzly  |  19

One time I answered the phone at my grocery store and they asked, "do we turn the clocks back tonight?" I dunno, why'd you call the GROCERY STORE?!