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Today, while working as a paramedic, we got called to an assisted living home. The medical emergency? The woman had a leak in her bathroom and wanted it fixed. FML
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What the hell was she thinking when she called you? Can someone be that dumb?

tehdarkness 21

I can't wait till I'm old and I can perform hijinks and pass them off as insanity!


Well, if she had to use the bathroom but couldn't because of said leak, that could be considered an emergency I guess.

Still not her right at all when she was completely fine and could have called anyone else like a Plummer.

lolz that lady will definitely see a plumber if she gets fever :)

This must be "Make a Bad FML Comment Day"....every one I've read this morning has like twenty downvotes.

Hah, well, everyone has good days or bad days my friend. As for me, I'm going back to bed. <3

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What the **** is lolz supposed to be??

Beepbeep7 14

Lol #56 you just made my day.

Actually, all she needed to do was call a nurse at the facility and they would have taken care of it. Sadly, as an Emergency dispatcher, I get calls like this all the time... We have no choice but to send somebody to help...

What the hell was she thinking when she called you? Can someone be that dumb?

lexielou07 18

If she's in an assisted living home, I'm guessing she has some mental issues. So to her, it probably seems like a valid number to call.

Unfortunately yes. You'd be surprised what people will call 911 for

RedPillSucks 31

Yeah, but typically the staff at those places are also alerted. They should have responded first and known enough to call off the paramedics. One can't expect someone at an assisted living facility to always respond rationally. That's why its an "assisted" living facility.

#36 You are so right. I work at an assisted living facility and it is for this season that the residents have to have permission from staff to make a phone call, even from their own cell phones!

I've had people call me to report possible stalkers. I work for a cable company.

Some people don't know emergencies from inconveniences >_

You are joking right? He's a paramedic not a plumber.

She's talking about the old lady, not the plumber.

What would have been even funnier is if it were a 'leek' in her toilet

leaks are dangerous. she could have drowned.

I remember being afraid of leaving taps running as a kid I thought every room was water tight so if left unatended the room would fill up in 5 minutes and I would drown.

Now I'm only curious as to whether there was a leak in the bathroom, or whether the woman had a leak, in her bathroom.

Infamous_Tora 12

Obviously there was a leak in the bathroom that needed fixing..

tehdarkness 21

I can't wait till I'm old and I can perform hijinks and pass them off as insanity!

You're never too young, you just gotta play the part ;)

I hope you went immediately...god knows what would've happened otherwise :-P

Sounds like ****. But I know your feeling, worked as paramedic too...

WTF! What type of **** do you watch?! You worked as a paramedic and if you were called to an "assisted living home" you would think about getting laid? :P

RedPillSucks 31

Something similar happened to my cousin. They got called to an elderly woman's house because she couldn't figure out how to fix her computer.

One time I answered the phone at my grocery store and they asked, "do we turn the clocks back tonight?" I dunno, why'd you call the GROCERY STORE?!