By WinnerWinnerNotEatingDinner - 16/11/2015 06:44 - United States - Arlington

Today, I was the first guy ever to give my girlfriend an orgasm. I was also the first guy to make her poop at the same time. FML
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Damn you must be the shit!

It happens. Basically everything tights and then loosens. Don't worry about it she's probably as embarrassed as you


Sounds like a shitty situation.

There is always that one commenter, you would think they'd learn.

it's people like #29 that make me want to punch them

No one likes these puns, 29 is right.

Well #50 that was a bit uncalled for

Who are you to tell me what is or isn't called for? You and everyone else who disliked these comments are the ones with no sense of humor.

I should have checked before I said anything. Who cares what a 16 year old kid who plays minecraft thinks.

I haven't been on this site for about a year and that was the first comment I read, it was already old a year ago ^

patwo8 14

That's for an interesting story

Pretty sure it would be best for both parties involved that this is never told (besides on here)

Thats disgusting

JocelynKaulitz 28

It's normal. Everyone poops.

You probably never gave a girl an orgasm before buddy :p

#41 maybe he did, its not a normal thing to shit in the bed dude

Exactly, it sounds like alwaysstabbing would know!

Actually more common than you might think. Especially with anal. Your Probably too small down there to worry about it.

#104 I don't think size has anything to do with whether someone poops or not during sex to be honest. It's really not a common thing otherwise this probably wouldn't have been an FML.

There's a first for everything...

RusticChick 27

Interesting. I'll be the first to ask for a follow up for answers.

Follow up? They probably cleaned up the mess. Laundry and a shower perhaps?

RusticChick 27

For this being a funny app, there's a lot of uptight people on here. Find it ironic. Lol. Not saying you are sir, but just an observation, in general.

you're from ifunny right? look on here they take it more seriously.

Damn you must be the shit!

I giggled like a dipshit in my class because of this

Finally an original, not-shitty shit pun

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shit happens

It happens. Basically everything tights and then loosens. Don't worry about it she's probably as embarrassed as you

I have an inkling that she might be slightly more embarrassed.

but she shat on him!!!