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Today, my hair straightener broke. My husband suggested putting electrical tape on it because it was heat proof. I did and started straightening my hair. The supposed heat proof tape melted and got stuck in my hair. FML
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You use peanut butter to get gum out, so it wouldn't hurt to try.

I'm not even thinking about peanut butter or any other way to get the tape out of OP's hair, I'm stuck on how badly that must smell!

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Dot: Don't tell me what to do, zebraumicornz!

I'd go back to watching TV until it spread out of the kitchen. Then I would save my tv! Those things can be pricey now.

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8, you don't need to correct people's spelling errors, most people on FML have passed the 3rd grade, you don't need to act like an English teacher.

88 - the way they spell words would suggest otherwise ;)

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89- It is okay if you spell a word wrong on the Internet, I get that you shouldn't do it for important things but this is not a place where people should mind it.

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Yeah don't listen to men when they give you advice on female products

Wouldn't really call electrical tape a "female product"

I think 3 was talking about the hair straightener. Edit: 17 beat me to it.

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@17 - Yeah, although the real issue here was the Electrical Tape, anyway. Also, electrical tape is supposed to have some level of heat tolerance because an electrical current running through a wire generates heat. That said, that level of heat tolerance is nothing compared to the amount of heat applied by a hair straightener.

Electrical tape is only good to about 90 degrees just like the wire. The perks of being an electrician, knowing some of these useless facts.

"Yes, hun, I'm sure a tampon is supposed to go in the back hole!" Yeah, don't listen to guys.

92- Just wondering, Why would you ask a guy if a tampon goes up your "back hole"

34, it isn't a useless fact if everyone reads your comment and now we all know the max heat electrical tape can handle. Thanks :-).

Not unless to that couple, just a little late

I can't decide who the bigger idiot is.

Agreed! Geez, two morons... Hope they don't breed!

I bet they'll be breeding 27. I have a feeling they'll forget to put the condom on. Haha.

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Kinda harsh there 27 but hey I agree

Who's the more foolish; the fool or the fool who follows him? (Obi-Wan Kenobi, 1977)

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Or find a way to put it on incorrectly! :P

No condom? Hmmm, maybe they will try electrical tape....

71/ Yikes! Peeling that off... the mere thought of that might just prevent boners for the next couple of days....

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I could be a total beyotch here and say "well us lower form of humanity can never be as perfect as you." But that makes me no better,!which I am not trying to be better ( or worse!) than anyone. I actually do truly feel that some people really should not be allowed to have responsibility as important as another humans life in their hands. But as an educated woman who was clueless on things like this myself , until being forced to learn, I can totally understand OP not realizing this is possible. Electrical tape is used to tape wires that get 'Hot'. To what temp it begins to liquefy I don't have a clue, but based on that and general relatable concept of it. I may not have questioned my husband

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I say OP. Woman should know their own products they use daily.

Yes they are. Both not the brightest bulbs in the box. And electrical tape is heat proof, a little. A straighter gets a lot hotter then wires do. So the husband was kind of right in a way.

Electrical tape is not heat proof, it is heat RESISTANT. It cannot withstand 400 degree temperatures such as a straightener can put out. Although, I don't know why she was attempting to use a broken straightener in the first place.

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67- She thought she fixed it.

You need peanut butter and ice cubes, pronto! Don't listen to husbands... most men don't know what they're talking about. Just get a new hair straightener next time!

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I'm a man, and I would have never told my wife to do that. Some men know what they're talking about. You just have to take the time to find out if the guy is knowledgeable or full of crap. It's foolish to make general assumptions about people that you don't know.

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Funny thing is she's only 14 giving op advice about men.... Har Har Har Har! =]

It was part of a joke. Note that I said "most", not "all". Just because I'm 14 doesn't mean I have no experience with men. 14 year olds still have brothers, fathers, uncles, and male cousins/friends/other influences!

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I didn't mean to be a dick, hence the "=]". Sorry about the 'hars', I was hyper. But you cant blame me, your comment just didn't look right at first in relation to your age.

79- Even when you say "most" you're still making a very broad statement about an species' entire gender. I'm no electrician, but I know that electrical tape will melt given extreme temperatures, and I know enough to not give advice on how to fix something if I haven't at least LOOKED at it. When I don't know something, I say so. No, the problem with the guy isn't that he's a man; he's a moron (or a dick for knowingly leading her on). OP is another moron for blindly accepting anything he says. ALWAYS cross your references!

I am going to be straight with you, your husbands an idiot. To put the record straight electrical tape is not heat proof.

Electrical insulation and thermal insulation are slightly different :P

Electric tape is meant for electrical wires thus the name being electric tape. Even I wouldn't think it was heat proof. And I'm 14!

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It is heat proof, just not for the amounts of heat that OP's straightener puts off.

It's not heat proof. Think about it this way. You have a rubber duck. Rubber is shockproof but melts at a high temperature. So it's like putting something rubber on the hair straightener expecting it not to heat up and melt off. hopefully my example makes sense.

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68, for what it's worth, I liked your example.

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68- You give teens a good name on the Internet. I meet more stereotypes than exceptions. Good show.

Heat proof is not the same as heat resistant. Learn the difference between "___proof and ___resistant. It could save your life one day.

68, 103- THANK YOU!!! Geez, you'd think more people would know that, already.