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Today, I was giving an anti-drugs speech to a group of ninth graders. I got onto the topic of trafficking from problem countries and asked a student to point out Mexico City on a map. He hesitated a few seconds before pointing at Canada. What the hell has the education system come to? FML
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yadisingh 5

Our future looks prosperous...

*facepalm* unfortunately, some kids just aren't taught/don't care. It's sad though =/


agaba 0

I'm in 9th and I feel that that I a disgrace to all 9th graders everywhere.

yadisingh 5

Our future looks prosperous...

I wonder where America gets stereotyped from.

OP is the idiot here. Canada is the new mexico derrp...

Put a push pin in china bill.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

It definitely does. Chicago recently decided to do something about the problem. They lengthened school days, and I think the school year too. The only difference that makes is that now the students have to sit through even more dumb shit. If they wanted to improve school performance, why didn't they work on the QUALITY of the classes, instead of just making them longer? Obviously their teaching methods are not working, so how is cramming more of the same into kids' heads going to make things better? The American school system in general needs a makeover.

Totally agree, 61. American schools aren't even close to the quality of schooling in Europe, which is messed up.

A few idiots make everyone call Americans dumb and stereotype everyone here. I know it sounds crazy, but... there are genuinely stupid people in every country. Dumbasses are everywhere. That being said, that's craziness. Kids these days. I could understand if the kid was a bit younger, but a freshman? That's ridiculous. They should at least know basic georgraphy. Some small percentage of Americans can't even pick out North America on a globe. Crazy.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

67, I received most of my primary education in Europe, and some in the US. In Europe, the quality of the material was great, and school was only half as long as it was in the US. Compared with everything I learned in European schools, I honestly feel like school in the US just wasted my time. Graded coloring for math in high school? Seriously? All the information in that long, long, 8 hour day could be condensed in just 4, if you cut out all the inane fluff.

I heard American universities are general degrees. Is that true?

yamatelle 19

Shrooms- It's true that the American education system needs a makeover but unfortunately, that makeover will not occur any time soon. The problem is not being attacked from its roots, and that is, the fluctuating economy. Teachers are being laid off at a mind boggling rate and their supplies are inadequate due to budget problems. The lack of parent involvement has also a lot to do with it, which in return is (most of the times) due to the the economy. Parents are focusing so much on trying to bring money in the house that they don't have time for the kids anymore. If the government dealt with the economical problems first, it would make this "makeover" a lot easier, and from then on, the other problems could be dealt with one at a time.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

That's true, yamatelle. Everything in a society is tightly connected, and if one component fails, everything else starts failing with it. Once the balance is disrupted, vicious cycles are created. A dumb future generation can't help the country get back on its feet much, can it? I have deep respect for all the teachers who still stand strong during tough economic times, as we all know how underpaid the profession in general tends to be.

yadisingh 5

Forget Europe, did you see Asian SAT scores versus ours? It's ridiculous, man.

gazzdogs 5


gazzdogs 5


gazzdogs 5

Some people still don't know where Australia is...

Hey I mean Mexico and Canada look almost identical. It would be easy to mix them up.

An unintelligent and fearful nation is easier to governs than an intelligent nation with ideals .. They won't fix the education system any time soon.. They don't teach much about Canada because we are a democracy, and they don't want you knowing to much on that subject lol, as with a lot of other potentially information potentially harmful to American government

*facepalm* unfortunately, some kids just aren't taught/don't care. It's sad though =/

cue dipshit pothead debates

flockz 19

wait wait wait... where the **** is Canada?

GuitarFail123 9

haha ik wat u mean, i go to an academy for highschool so i dont havta worry bout it:)

Well I can explain this. The kid was scared OP would smell his weed odor and bust him, and in turn, had a nervous breakdown.

The whole American system sucks hairy balls.

That's a matter of opinion. Many decent colleges are in America. Georgetown, Yale, Harvard? Those are part of the education system. More than that, it's the intelligence of the people and their will to learn. Then comes quality of material learned in class. For me, I go to a college prep school, and I enjoy cramming my head with information, so I would consider myself more educated than, say, a weed smoking teen in a public school. It's a matter of the way you learn, and how much you'll go out of the way to learn.

Or they will do anything to get a laugh.

Canadian people are very friendly. He could might as well be right that the drugs go there.

Dumb comment made dumber by a typo. *thumbs down*

purplepink143 0


Except he wasn't asked to point to where the drugs are, but to Mexico City...

there are probably less drugs here in Canada than in America asshole, think before u speak because we ain't so friendly when u make fun of us. :I thumbs down prickhead.

Damn it! Meant to thumbs down but thumbed up... stupid iPod! But I promise you we aren't nice if you piss us off. Eh? ;)

smartash20 0

Oh shit.... We are screwed

oh damn , our society is ****** up

kickazz16 15

Looks like it's going downhill 75% of kids fail geography.

dani212 0


kickazz16 15

Let me be more specific. 75% kids fail to locate things on a map.

Also, 78% of statistics are made up.

Abraham Lincoln said that ^

that_nerdy_sock 3

What an idiot! And most maps have labels, unless you looked for one without it :| Any ways, your teaching idiots.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Well, not everybody can know everything. Common knowledge to you might not be such for someone else, and vice versa. On the topic of geography, at least knowing where your own country is located, as well as it's neighbors, seems like the bare minimum geography a kid should know. Then again, some children naturally excel in certain areas and greatly lag in others, and it can be quite tough getting them to catch up. It doesn't automatically make him/her an idiot.

5HAD0W 4


In this case... it does. In 9th grade and not being able to locate the sole two countries neighbooring yours? It's not even about not studying enough at this point...

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I agree it's baffling as to how he/she got away with not knowing this for all these years, but it still does not automatically make him/her an idiot, if maybe just a little slow.

My god. I live in Canada, and I got chewed out by my socials teacher because I didn't know all of the countries on a pre World War One map of Europe. God forbid this kid could tell the difference between Canada & Mexico.

Dunno why there are so many YDIs on this one, because people these days really are stupid...

the ydi's are probably mostly from idiot potheads who saw "anti-drugs" and just hit the "deny reality" button on reflex

ShroomsOnAcid 16

23, You better apologize to Carl Sagan's corpse for implicitly calling him an idiot, NOW.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Anti drugs speeches? How about some actual, factual education about drugs instead of spending so much money, time, and resources on bullshit "just say no" campaigns? Be it drugs, sex, or even rock&roll, everybody knows those are ineffective at best, and make kids want to rebel even more at worst.

MineDub5253 0

Says Mr: Shrooms on acid...

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Yes, I do say. Please, spare me the ignorance.