By fmlifer - 04/11/2011 04:29 - United States

Today, I went to kiss my girlfriend on the cheek at school. I missed, and walked away awkwardly. Later on, a teacher stopped me and told me how bad I failed. FML
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Grow up boy, grab her , pull her in and plant one on her lips.

At least u didn't headbutt her by accident.


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Socially Awkward Penguin strikes again.

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You'd probably have been better off accidentally giving her a recite for your condoms and lube purchases.

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How the hell can you miss kissing someone on the cheek?

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I don't even understand... How old are you and how do you miss?

Atleast you're not failing school. Hopefully.

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kissing someone's cheek leads to kissing someone's lips which leads to making out which leads to second base and feeling people up which leads to no clothes which leads to sex. the moral of the story is - don't kiss someone's cheek! or you will get pregnant and die.

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More like, "Don't live - you will die."

HetaliaFreak 10

"Don't have sex. Because you WILL get chlamydia, and die."

God damn it another pointless "at least" comment.. I'll sound like a troll but it wasn't funny, nor intelligent. Please don't comment to be in the first ones, even though you have nothing to say.

Living is the leading cause of death all around the world.

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And marriage is the leading cause of divorce.

It'd be a shame if he was failing, as well. :P

At least u didn't headbutt her by accident.

At least.... **** it idk some good to say....

Nope. I did it intentially that way. To be Owned by a teacher = Teached.

Since when? Urban dictionary doesn't even say that. 1. teached A misspelling of the word "taught". 2. teached teached (teechd) –verb: past tense and past participle of "teach". Commonly used in Trinidad by the most educated people.

29- I learned something new today. Thanks for that.

Because Urban Dictionary is a totally credible site that we should rely on.

My point was that urban diction has a definition for pretty much every non-conformist word, and that he probably just made it up.

#90 Granted. But who are you to say it is not a Colloquialism and you have just never heard of it being used before? Anyway, isn't that how most phrases get started? Someone uses it, someone else finds it very descriptive and uses it, so on and so forth. But just for you I added it to urbandictionary. Feel better now? ;-)

Try standing still next time, drive by kissing requires good lip-eye coordination.

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Hey at least u got a cool teacher ours gives us dention if we kiss

same here we have strict PDA rules at my school nothing other than holding hands (not even hugs)

we can't even hold hands at our school. I think Umbridge is our principal.


At my school, if we hug , hold hands... Then they call our parents and we get ISS.

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Same here. No kisses, hugs. Anything.

Well that guy failed to kiss her soooooo, no rules were broken.