By Kybo5 - United States - Elk Grove
Today, I had a ride along in an ambulance. Being observant, I thought it was funny that a patient had to vomit. That was until I realized they couldn't control where they had to vomit. I spent the rest of the ambulance ride holding a vomit bag in front of the woman's face. Not so funny anymore. FML
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  kyleekay  |  25

There's one instance where I found it funny... the one episode of Family Guy where Stewie, Peter, Brian and Chris drank some nasty medicine and just puked continuously for like 30 seconds. Granted that's a cartoon, but technically, it can be funny sometimes. :P

I was about to say that OP deserves it for taking pleasure in other people's pain, until I realized that's what we all do by coming to this website. Woops.

  tdawg91  |  17

Someone vomiting means something is wrong, that's not funny, especially in a bloody ambulance! #1 is right, it's not funny and I hope you have a massive dick to match your personality

By  Pleonasm  |  34

Why does being observant mean it's funny for you that they vomit?

Being observant, though, I see an onslaught of "karma" comments coming, and I just want to say, karma aside, it serves you right.
Not just trying to be holier-than-thou by that, just sincere; it'll teach you to put yourselves in their shoes. If you didn't enjoy the situation, chances are they hated it even more so.
Emapthise a little and maybe you could be spared a few moments like this.

  SillyGirl4602  |  23

I completely agree. Any field where you work with patients, you need to learn how to empathize with them. I just really hope that OP did not laugh out loud in front of the patient.

By  UsagiArwen  |  23

If you think it's funny that someone needs to throw up, then you deserve holding the bag for that person to throw up in, and you are far too immature to ride in an ambulance to "observe" anything. How would you like to have been that lady and see someone else trying not to laugh at your ailments?

  cocacola999  |  27

I'm guessing OP is in their early teens and their parent was working in the ambulance. Or something similar. At least hopefully OP is not a medical professional, that'd be awful.