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By  travisv23  |  0

You guys are idiots. It's not 'your job' to get puked on. Your job in this case would be to help people. Being to stupid to realize the difference must be why you guys are here posting that garbage in the first place.

Now Hiring: Position to be puked on?


  aero_fml  |  0

Yeah.. it's like "I spilled some oil on my hands while working at Jiffy Lube, FML"

Comes with the job, if you don't like it, get out while you still can

  rossea  |  21

You think OP decided to apply for being puked on as a job? The FML is that she got puked on by someone obviously unwell, not that she's doing her job.

By  perdix  |  29

You shouldn't have said, "Miss! Miss! Miss!"

In her physical state, how was she to know that you were trying to get her attention instead of instructing her not to hit the target?

By  Books4Me  |  0

By saying patient I assume you're a doctor of some sort? Sorry but if you can't handle this it's obviously not the job for you. People have to clean up puke every day when their child/parent/friend gets sick, and as a doctor, this is going to happen A LOT more to you.