By A continent away - 02/09/2014 19:48 - Estonia - Tallinn

Today, the security at the airport were nice enough to remind me to take the laptop out of my bag. I wish they'd also reminded me to put it back in before I left. FML
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I'm sorry, but that's your responsibility. Don't blame other for your carelessness.

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YDI though. Can't blame anyone else for your error.

You'd think that if your laptop was that important to you, you'd remember to put it back and at least feel the weight difference of not having it in its laptop bag.

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Doesn't appear as if she's blaming anyone but herself. Unfortunately, this is a pretty common side effect of being human. I'm just surprised this didn't end up happening to myself as often as I forget things just like this! That really does suck and it's bad luck that you had to have a brain glitch that cost you your laptop.

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The person that lost his laptop. that's what OP is for this FML. Or original poster. something like that.

God dammit #31 how could you forget the fml tradition

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He/She is blaming the security team just by saying "I wish they reminded me"

No, #59, it's "Octagonal Procreation" how could you forget?

I don't think luck had anything to do with it.

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Yeah security got a free laptop by not telling her

I'm sorry, but that's your responsibility. Don't blame other for your carelessness.

She's clearly not blaming them, it's just a way of explaining that she forgot it. She said she wishes they reminded her, not they didn't or they should have. The FML probably wouldn't have had quite the same effect if it simply said "Today, the security at the airport were nice enough to remind me to take the laptop out of my bag. I forgot it. FML"

Yes, however it's the security guard's job to alert the passengers of large electronics. This FML is saying "Today, someone did their job, and then I was careless. FML." This is a total YDI.

#12 is right. OP isn't blaming the security agents for anything. It was a sufficient way to get across the message of the FML- that OP lost her laptop. I don't think OP's wording or anything else implies that the loss was her own fault (objectively, yeah, *she* left the laptop, but who isn't absent-minded every now and again?), it sucks to lose something so important. Even if it's by her own doing, I don't think that's quite the same thing as her deserving it. FYL, OP. FYL.

Im not certain you understand the concept of 'YDI'... Why on earth did she deserve to lose her laptop simply because she forgot it? Yes she was was at fault, but that certainly doesn't mean that she deserved it.

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Thank goodness SOMEONE said it....

Dont be such a shit dragon you dirty **** knocker. The Airport is a huge **** that hates to be sucked.

That really sucks of them to do, but how did you forget it? I don't want to sounds like I'm blaming you, but I love my laptop like a child, so I can't stand the thought of losing it. I hope you got it back ok, OP, and I hope you weren't inconvenienced too much.

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What sucks of them to do? The tsa agent who told op to remove the lap top would have been on one side of the scanner, whereas the agent who did not remind op to grab it was on the other side of the scanner and probably had no idea who it belonged to. Completely deserved.

I agree, but they could have maybe said a simple "Miss, you forgot your laptop!"

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I think 34s point is that not only was it not the TSA responsibility, the guard she saw last wouldn't know the laptop was hers. You gotta be extra vigilant in the airport.

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Every airport I've ever been to has one tsa agent reminding folks to do these things prior to going through the scanner. On the other side is another agent entirely. Harry asked her to remove her laptop before she stepped through. John would have no way of knowing it was hers.

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Two words - personal responsibility. More so in this case, a lack thereof. If I left my keys in my car in the inner city and it was stolen, there would be no argument that I deserved it.

I'm going to have to say YDI. You shouldn't blame others for your mistakes.

Op did not blame them, she said that she wishes they would have REMINDED her that she didn't put it back in her bag..she never said it wasn't her fault lol..

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That sounds to me like she's blaming them. Usually they put forgotten items to the side so you can come back and get them. Hopefully op remembered before getting on the plane

It wouldn't be an FML if she remembered to get it before her departure lol. OP's name says "a continent away."

Maybe you could call the airport and ask if they still have it? The chances aren't too great but it's better than doing nothing.

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Happened to me before. Luckily the lady at the security desk ran it back to me!

Let's hope you didn't go to another country

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She went to another continent, check her username. Poor OP.

why would they do that? their only responsibility is to thoroughly check your belongings...

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Their responsibility is to get folks through the line. The agent who reminded her to remove it and the agent who did not remind her to pick it up were likely on different sides of the scanner, and the second agent likely didn't know it was hers. Either way - how the hell does a laptop get forgotten?

Wow... That really sucks that you lost something as valuable as a laptop... Hope everything gets sorted out, OP!