By Felinefine - 15/08/2016 19:33 - United Kingdom - South Petherton

Today, after changing and dressing my 6-month-old into his super cute brand new outfit, I saw the telltale sign of him about to vomit. Without thinking, I cup my hand under his mouth and catch it all. I had to sit there with a hand full of puke and nowhere to dump it. FML
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Better that than having him puke on you and his brand new super cute outfit


Better that than having him puke on you and his brand new super cute outfit

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I don't think he likes the outfit

where were you changing him that had no sink, toilet, bin facilities?

In the middle of my living room floor on his changing mat. ?

You don't have a bin in your living room?

I don't have a bin in my living room, it's pretty common not to.

If you were home you shouldn't have to just hold it. Go to the sink and wash. I'm sure he would be fine alone for that, especially since he was on the floor and not in danger of rolling/falling from furniture. You should be a pro in those situations after 6 months of parenthood.

If you were in the middle of living room why not get up and get rid of it instead of sitting down with handful of puke?

Yes of course, I simply sat there all day and night with this handful of puke, and it never occurred to me to move somewhere and wash it off. In fact I still have the same hand full of the puke right now.

No need to be so snarky OP. The way you have the Fml worded, that is exactly what it sounds like you did. Hence why it would be an FML. You said you had to sit there with puke in your hands and no where to dump it. Logical response to that is "well why didn't you get up and dump it somewhere"

I don't think she's being snarky. She was in the living room and not in a place where she could have dumped it. We know that FML limits words when doing submission...that's why they have follow-up's. And if she would have said I dumped it in the kitchen sink, it wouldn't have been a FML.

I understand what OP's saying. My mom has experienced the same thing when my sister was younger. She managed to catch it all in her hand, but she was upstairs feeding my sister in her room, with no sinks or toilets nearby. So it's sitting in your hand and makes it really hard to move without spilling and getting it everywhere, my mom actually had to call me to get her a towel because she couldn't move. That's probably what OP meant by "sit there with puke in my hands and nowhere to put it."

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There's a difference between those situations though. If you're feeding a baby then you're likely leaning back with the baby on top of you, so you'd have to lean forward to get up, maybe have to set the baby down, and probably spill. If you're changing a baby on your living floor, the baby is already set down and you're leaning over it, making it (relatively) very easy to get up or knee shuffle to a trash can or sink. You could have even carefully moved your baby off the changing mat, dumped the puke there, and carried the mat to the sink.

No logical response is that is was cleaned up, i mean if youre submitting fmls before you clean it up somethings wrong. The fml is they caught a handful of vomit which is flat out gross.

On the bright side you saved the outfit !:)

i have a 4 year old and ive done this more times than i can count. you get used to it, and its easier to wash your hands than the couch

well where were you that you had no place to dump it

awe I'm sorry but you have true mommy instincts! Yay for saving the outfit

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I think that was his way of saying the outfit was a no go...