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By fire1 - 25/10/2011 04:30 - United States

Today, working as an EMT on an ambulance, we had a patient who refused to accept that he had a massive GI bleed, despite the fact that bloody stool was flowing from his anus all over my ambulance. To make things worse, my EMT ride-along student puked all over the patient. FML
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kwchambers92 10

Sounds like a mess, a bloody shitty mess...

Buttsexpirate 9

His anus is bleeding! I said his anus is bleeding!


sounds like bad night for you sir! I am sorry:/

indielove 13

That's going to be one hell of a mess to clean up.

cmack11 0

26 - I'm pretty sure that's not a breech of privacy. OP didn't mention names, not even their own.

blackheart24 10

I think this guy bloody anus dude found the giant ***** in the tailpipe.. Hence the bleeding butthole.

I could never be a med tech.. It's just too messy :/

...and then the ambulance crashed, sending us all onto the floor....

MfailK 0

That's great put your rookie on cleaning detail. That's what I do with mine.

kwchambers92 10

Sounds like a mess, a bloody shitty mess...

WallyTheWombat 0

Oh damn I hate when I get those.

Decapitation 3

Yeah me too, but I use chipotle-away!

lizard399 0

Hey, you signed up for it.. Haha that's so gross though

la_gata_0716 5

We didn't " sign up for it" we are train to save people's life!

lizard399 0

Um yeah, wouldn't you figure you'll see some disgusting things? Pick body parts up from the side the road and what not? That comes along with your important life saving job don't it? You ******* idiot, always jump to assume someone's insulting you.

BlackSheepN 2

******* idiot? Sure you will be thinking that when you are laying down on the ground bleeding to death or having a heart attck and we come to save your ass.

lizard399 0

Yeah well they can't even spell "trying" and didn't get what I was saying so YEAH "******* idiot" sue me.

SeedlessMe 13

81- I'm pretty sure she meant 'trained' (and 'lives') not that makes her appear much more intelligent.. But she's still out there being nobel, so you really shouldn't talk shit. You most likely will need them one day, you know :]

Buttsexpirate 9

His anus is bleeding! I said his anus is bleeding!

The irony in your name and picture in this situation is priceless.

For the love of god, and all that is holy, his anus...is bleeding!!

16 - You didn't use the word 'irony' right.

I think this should be the guy with the bleeding ass' fml, not the person whose job it is to deal with this sort of thing.

SimpleMinds_fml 7
you_and_me_fml 8

Well im sure that student is re thinking becoming an emt after that ome

If one instance like this makes the student rethink becoming an EMT, he has no place there anyways. You can't just run away because the going gets tough. XD

eww I use to get sick easily when I started as a nurse. nothing like the smell of poop and blood

You were a nurse that became uneasy at the sight of blood?

I can handle blood and poop, just not together. it smells like something died

I think I have to say this before someone else beats me to it: that sounds like a "shitty" situation!

LezBiHonest 7

I think u mean a "shit-chuwation"