By Anonymous - 22/09/2014 17:41 - United States - Mckinney

Today, I got yelled at by a bleeding-heart hippy in the restroom for using paper towels. Apparently I'm a "tree-hating, paper-wasting bitch". I had a nosebleed. FML
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Use their shirt instead.

Grab a few more while looking at him


Use their shirt instead.

I'm part pyro, I would've simply burned a few sheets, but that's just me.

Lil_Red777 21

How is that relevant to anything?

MilkyFilmz 26

Yes #11, I'm sure you'd just have something to burn them with.

starcaller17 16

I agree with 11, fire is fun

tehaustiebear 34

By this logic, is it safe to say the hippie didn't wipe after using the facilities?

littleteapot 21

Or just freebleed. A lot of hippy feminists are into that. Warning: Do NOT look up freebleeding. You will be scarred.

octinate 17

Op probably grabbed so much tissue paper that provoked that lecture

Should've give them a nose bleed then told em to mind their business

...And then see what they use to wipe up the blood with.

I've frequented feminist circles a lot and the general consensus is that free bleeding is gross and unsanitary and that absolutely no one in their right mind should do it. I'm starting to think that free bleeding is just something 4chan spread around to troll people because I can't find a single feminist who practices or endorses it

martin8337 35

#1, hippies clothing are too unsanitary and plain dirty to use to stop bleeding from the nose or anywhere else.

I don't know of any feminists who do that practise. Never met any on groups who do. Some (very few) use cloth towels, but that's no different to using cloth nappies (diapers) which is coming back. Most things you hear about feminists that make them sound nuts are spread by people who want to stop equality (feminism is only about women being equal to men socially, politically and legally). Women who are anti-men are about as true to feminism as "mens rights activists" on 4chan are. Back on topic, I think that may Jay be a crazy person. They'd probably not like you bleeding everywhere either.

skyeyez9 24

I never heard of it...and if its what I think it is, I don't want to know.

Believe me I was tempted

She can just turn him/her into a bleeding-nose hippy.

littleteapot 21

I knew someone was going to read my comment and make it seem like I'm talking about all feminists. The feminists I was talking about are the extremists that also believe piv(penis in ******) intercouse is rape even if a woman consents. These extremists believe women are brain washed to allow men to penetrate them (which symbolizes their dominance). Let me repeat: I'm speaking of extreme feminists.

I'm also wondering about that. Does she use toilet paper in true hypocrite fashion, or does she drip dry and wipe her ass with her hand or something?! Pssht!

Grab a few more while looking at him

Yep. Then take some extra and shove em in your pockets for later, just in case.

You know... One day when I'm dripping sap, I'll grab the nearest human, and use them to wipe it all up. And you know what! I'm gonna stick a few of them into my trunk for later, cause why not? Ya! That's right! It doesn't feel that great when the scenario is flipped, does it?

cryssycakesx3 22

hey now, 67, trees get their revenge with their fallen leaves,.pods, flowers, branches, acorns, cones, and other various tree-things, usually used for reproduction, that blow around. funny how they're good at landing conveniently on windshields eh?

67 everytime i get allergies its because i inhale pollen, i inhale plant sperm against my will. that makes you a rapist.

and when I see that happen I will be the first to grab a chainsaw, cut you down and burn you for heat during the winter.

Guys, don't **** with 67. Haven't y'all seen "The Happening"!?

This man knows what's up! As for the whole pollen thing. I like to consider myself a sperm donor for the rest of nature. What happens with that sperm is none of my business, and I'm sorry it's too much for your human systems to handle.

cjwayy 22

Some people just need to shut their mouths. I don't understand why people talk to strangers like that...

Octwo 16

Not to mention that most paper towels and toilet paper these days are made from recycled paper

cadillacgal79 32

Plus almost all the bathrooms I walk into have paper towels and the automatic hand dryer.

I take offense to my kind being abused like this. Wait, you guys use us too... Wipe? :0

Mr.Tree stahp plz you guys fall on us and drop reproductive organs on us daily so dont be complaining when im allergic to your sperm flying through the air. Plus I usualy dry my hands with my shirt. I do apologize for our mass murders of trees but it's a 50/50 trade with what your kind does to us ok?

Right?! I didn't have words to reply to her

brendejafulable 41

Howd you reply?

I agree, seems like it'd make a good follow up...

I stared at her, help up a bloody hand and politely told her to **** off

Ask them if you can use their shirt then. ;)

Teddzz 19

Some of these "naturalists" go too far.

No they don't! Fuck you OP! You and your bleeding nose! But seriously though, lean forward so as to not swallow the blood. Some people puke when the blood gets in their mouth. And place an ice pack on your upper lip and the bridge of your nose for maximum use of ice.

I agree. I mean, I'm all for protecting the environment and leaving a smaller footprint on the planet but who honestly has the audacity to approach a bleeding stranger like that?

Tell him he's a tree hater too because his joint wraps are paper. The look of confusion on their faces, priceless. Edit: Or she.

Why all these haters?

most papers are actually hemp. Which grows back way faster than trees.

Tell him the joints he rolls uses paper from trees

MilkyFilmz 26

If you're going to copy someone else's comment, don't do it right after they post.

pwnman 33

Well, if you look at the time of posts, there is a strong possibility of them having alike minds.

27 - their comments were only a minute apart so chances are the other comment wasnt even there when this person was reading the comments and writing theirs. if your gonna be a jackass atleast know your facts

MilkyFilmz 26

#46 Sorry, and thank you for restating and expanding upon. what #28 said to me.

@27 it wasn't there when I started typing

MilkyFilmz 26

Sorry #57.

this is a comment section on the internet, if two differnt people have similar thoughts then they are both allowed to express them, dispite what alot of commentors on fml try to enforce

MilkyFilmz 26

Did I say he couldn't believe what he wanted? This is the internet, where no one cares for anyone.

Poor dear. Why must people shove their beliefs in other people's faces? Don't let them get to you. By the way, sorry for the nose bleed.

Lol sorry for the nosebleed? Why is everyone so overly nice? I sure OP didn't lose too much blood, but I'll pray for their recovery!

#37 - but then you say something similar? .......

hes being sarcastic^

It may have been a brutal one OR maybe I'm just a nice person.

^you don't say?

oh, but I do. (;

whats wrong with being overly nice?

The nosebleed happened because I was putting my sweatshirt on and punched myself in the face

#83 In my eyes, there is nothing wrong with being nice. The world needs more nice people. (:

Guess he thought he or she was hip talking to you like that... Should have smacked the that person than sing Kumbaya as you walked away