By mislead - 22/09/2014 16:43 - United States - Baton Rouge

Today, I found out that the neighborhood call-girl my husband and I secretly joke about is the same woman who secretly pleasures my husband for money. FML
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ha ha. looks like the jokes on you.

littleteapot 21

Because she deserves to be cheated on and exposed to God knows how many diseases......?

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actually the joke is on the husband...literally that is

So sad that he feels the need to get his pleasure elsewhere. If you kept him satisfied, he wouldn't have to stray.

hatemyluck 15 know, he could talk about what he wants to his wife.

20 - and this woman who is earning her own money deserves to be ridiculed for it? The joke is on the OP, she wanted to shame and make fun of someone, albeit secretly, and in turn she is the one that is to be embarrassed now.

octinate 17

#36 No one deserves to have their marriage ruined because of making jokes about a call girl

38 - and no one deserves to have their choice of work ridiculed. It's just ironically funny, and I'm sure a slice of humble pie to the OP, that the person she made fun of is the person her husband was cheating on her with. Live and let live.

littleteapot 21

#36 You've never secretly made fun of someone? Nice to meet you Jesus.

I'm actually pretty happy with the first comment. Downright satisfied actually, because I was thinking the EXACT same thing. Just because someone is a callgirl don't make them any less of a person and is no reason to look down on them and ridicule. I do believe that this is just karma.

littleteapot 21

This site leads me to believe that people don't actually know the true definition of karma.

64 - the word has evolved and is being used in the correct context from its evolution.

Maybe the husband doesn't like what a bitch is wife is and visits the call girl out of spite.

incoherentrmblr 21

Karma is a bitch. If that's the call girl's name too, that is awesomely ironic...

octinate 17

It's not karma. Usually the cheating dirtbag will ridicule the woman he's cheating with in front of the wife as a way to throw the wife off the fact he is cheating.

Um remember how being a callgirl is illegal? It's not a choice of work like being a McDonalds employee, its monetizing breaking the law

Not technically, depending on the circumstances. Paid escorts are legal and any sexual relations between the escort and the client is "outside the contracted services and solely the business of the parties involved."

she sucks, but he sucks more. he could tell her no, Or you know, get what he wants from the OP. they both suck.

@45 it was supposed to be punny, you took it too literal.

#45 the husband pays her. you can't say no to someone whom you've asked. she could say no, but that's her income so why would or should she?

@61 why would I respond yes or no to someone I asked a question to?

Yes 46 I got that, but I was just adding on.

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#6: I was quickly scanning through the comments, and I almost misread yours as "Oh, what a nice dick." Haha.

Do you know what a girl says when she sees a nice dick? I do!

Beat her ass and your husband's while you're at it. Sorry OP.

There was this girl who caught her husband in bed with another girl and beat him with one of his golf clubs; in her mugshot she's smiling like she's a sweet little angel xD kinda off topic but that's what your comment reminded me of..

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Am I the only one who was expecting a limerick?

the chick really didn't do anything wrong. op should leave the girl alone. her ex husband too probably, if he's Herr ex...

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He had an affair only he needs his arse beat. She was just doing her job.

How would you feel about it if it was reversed and the husband beat the shit out of his wife with a golf club then smiled in the mug shots?

#96 girls this days are taking over everything. we aren't allowed to hit them back. This world is turning shit we are losing man power. Also females are naturally evil.

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Yes, females are born evil and die evil. its not that people in general are evil beings, no just women. cause women started every war ever in history- oh wait.

He was probably joking with you to cover up the cheating. Looks like the jokes on you now unfortunately. Sorry OP

That or the wife made jokes about it and the husband thought "maybe I should ask her." See it's all the wife's fault!

That's horrible! So sorry OP. Also, you should go get tested asap

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Guess the butt of the joke is not exactly her, and she gets her grin back .