By sickofthisshit - 02/07/2016 16:43 - United States - Oceanside

Today, I nearly got written up for "publicly humiliating" a coworker. All because I left a note in the restroom asking whoever keeps peeing all over the floor to please be considerate of other people. FML
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Surprises me that they're concerned about the note rather than the pee on the floor.


I don't see how this is a bad thing

plot twists. besides the boss there is only one other employee besides OP

One thing that I've never been able to fathom is how grown men can piss all over the toilet and floor in a bathroom and think it's completely okay.

Women do it too by "hovering" over the seat. It's disgusting, and they usually don't even bother cleaning of the seat itself.

Grown men? Hell I don't think I've been in our restroom at work once without piss being on at least ONE of the seats and we sit down!

#6 Hovering isn't gross, the fact bitches can't wipe the seat if they sprinkle, however, is gross. No one wants to clean your piss.

And the fact that toilet seats are deigned so germs can't survive on them. It makes the whole hover thing completely useless. It's just gross.

#8 they didn't say hovering is gross. They said the women who do it too (sprinkle on the seat) because they've hovered is gross

You can still pick up an STD from a seat.

Cleaning off** whoops. Corrected spelling.

No you can't. It has to be sexually related thus an Sexually Transmitted Disease

#25: Thanks, that's exactly what I meant. Don't know what #8's issue is.

my husband does it all the time! I told him and he blamed my son, then caught himself doing it.

#42 Who said I had an issue? I was just weighing in my thoughts.

Surprises me that they're concerned about the note rather than the pee on the floor.

It was probably the person who wrote you up if they took so much of an offense to it.

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In a lot of Ladies rooms I've seen the sign "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie"...

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I've never seen that before and I think it should be everywhere. Hell, it'd make them feel good about cleaning up after themselves!

My toilets at work have signs to clean up after yourself, to remember to flush, use the brush if you make a mess, and not to flush certain things. Reminders that really shouldn't need to be given but people still ignore them.

So they care more about you leaving a note in the bathroom than someone pissing on the floor? That's totally backwards.