By WhiteCaribbean - 22/09/2014 19:38 - Saint Lucia - Castries

Today, what I thought was going to be a lunch date turned into a life insurance sales pitch. FML
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WhiteCaribbean tells us more.

BTW I'm straight, for anyone in the comments wondering, it was a female who pitched the life insurance. I seriously thought she was interested in me; that's why i went to meet her =S

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octinate 17

Never date a salesman.

Must be a good salesman if he can sell a date as a pitch.


octinate 17

Never date a salesman.

probably didn't know they were a salesman. could have been that good of one to sell a date and then hopefully insurance.

tantanpanda 26

make sure he doesn't kill you after you get the life insurance. You should be insured of your safety :)

Well that's one lesson learned. Maybe get to know the background of the person more before dating them?

@49 there is an amazing way of finding that info's called going on a date

TiaBug 13

I have the feeling this topic was debated a couple of days ago...

Must be a good salesman if he can sell a date as a pitch.

If he can sell as pitch as a date!

cryssycakesx3 22

saleswoman*, she*

Well op is a guy so, there's a 90% chance it's a she...

XBurytheCastleX 25

There's on ya 50% chance. More people are gay than you probably thought.

Are you kidding? 50 percent of people arent gay, especially in the Caribbean, which is still somewhat homophobic. There's no reason to assume OP's gay. What kind of surprises me is the fact that people aren't even looking at OP's gender and just assuming that his date is a guy because they're a salesperson.

I personally thought OP was a woman because it's usually women who post FMLs about what they thought would turn out to be a date.

Respect101 17

I want to see how many people are actually "homophobic" and not just not on par with their decisions..

He/She sounds like a keeper.

Until they leave you with a house and nothing else. Just saying.

orbit 22

Free house? Sounds like a good deal.

So you know he REALLY cares about you!

a salesperson is a cold heartless demon, so incapable if feeling love

You have to be pretty heartless to go on a date knowing its bs... Fuck that guy

RedPillSucks 31

Or not

I did not know that was her intentions

ScottVining 21

I hope that you at least still got a free lunch out of it

ahippienamedrae 10

But did you buy into it? don't leave us hanging!

is that a clever way of saying they tried to kill you?

Those are the best dates. When you walk in, hoping to meet someone interesting. But walk out planning your death.