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By :(( - 30/05/2013 21:18 - Japan - Tokyo

Today, in a public restroom, an elderly lady started bitching me out for not washing my hands. I was so intimidated that I did so under her accusing watch. I'm quite intolerant to many soaps, and I now have a horrible rash on my left hand because I was too frightened to explain. FML
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PhDInLife 8

Why don't you carry your own soap with you? If you know you are allergic and also know how unhygienic it is to not wash, YDI for putting yourself in that position!

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bballer4life895 13
Roskosity 22

I really gotta hand it to you. You made a rash decision there.

Guys, we're traveling down a slippery slope here

All it would have taken was a few words of defense. YDI op.

summerguy97 16

There are plenty travel size solutions that can easily fit in a purse or pocket. Not washing your hands is just sort of wrong to those who touch things behind you. Not everyone has a strong immune system and we are depending upon the common sense if others to stay healthy. Of course, that is why I'm sick with a cold today, since someone insisted on coughing and sneezing on patrons at a store even after we explained the situation.

'Coughing and sneezing on "Patróns"? Were you at the liquor store shopping for tequila?(:

maraka_musso_fml 16

OP lives in Japan. It may also be cultural not to stand up to elders and to be too ashamed to stand up for herself.

Quite right, #99. Japanese customs hold elders highly. Though, she could've just washed her hands with warm water, even if using soap is ofcourse the best.

tjv3 10

All it would have taken was "please mind your own business" then leave. Or just look at her like she is stupid then leave

Man that social anxiety is a bitch. Can't blame you op. Shit happens

TheElBurrrito 21

Good thing you're right handed.

TheElBurrrito 21

You're right. It was a stupid comment. That's my fault. It's too late to go back and never post it.

slickchrome 11

That probably cracked me up more than it should have. He sounded so sure op was right handed lmao

A good portion of the time they'd be right. What baffled me about this is how their right hand would be unscathed, doesn't "one hand wash the other"?..

oj101 33

Statistically, #3 is more likely to be correct than not correct as 90% of the world is right handed, which is a fair assumption. However, the majority of people in Japan are left handed, and is the only nation to be so. Bad luck #3

lorraineald 7

I did a research project tracing left-handedness in my family and found it to possibly be gene from my mother's side passed down to females. My Grandmother is left-handed, my aunt is left-handed, I'm left-handed, and both of my nieces are left-handed. So maybe the reason so many in Japan are left-handed is because they all share a common left-handed ancestor. My best answer to that.

TwinkleToes7 15

You definitely deserve that, you could have just left... Or better yet wiped your hands on her then left haha :)

Haha very true. Should have stood up for yourself Op

Sabriiyah_Witter 5

YDI for not standing up for yourself.

What if you said that to rape or assault victim? Just saying that some people have very non-confrontational personalities. I would have probably done the same thing as OP out of embarrassment.

Yeah.. I wouldn't say this is very comparable to rape.

YDI for using the soap! You could've just washed your hands without soap.

Well.... She could have dropped the soap.

#79 The difference is that rape and assault are violent crimes and there is no shame in feeling afraid. Getting bitched out by an old lady is nowhere near the same. Shame on you for even making the comparison.

#70 by comparing getting told off by an old lady to rape an assault you're belittling the tragedy victims go through.

Well, giving her the benefit of the doubt and assuming she has some sort of mental disorder or a nervous condition given her extreme/unusual reaction, standing up for herself probably wouldn't have been possible in her agitated state of mind. That might be too large a logical step for you to make though...

Sorry I didn't mean to compare the action to rape. I was just trying to make a point that its really hard for some people to stand up for themselves. That doesn't mean they deserve it when they don't.

You could have just left since it doesn't affect the old lady =/

wait were going to leave without washing your hands just because you get bad rashes from soap?

Would you want to deal.with bad rashes? If any soap remains on her hands and she touches anywhere else she's gonna get a rash there.

no, but id bring hand sanitizer or something to clean my hands if I knew soap gave me a rash

Azeri_fml 11

At the very least, I'd rinse my hands in the sink.

I would carry my own soap if I knew I was that reactive. Not washing hands is not an option.

User90210 5

I have eczema on my hands. I carry my own soap this person is just nasty

Lili_love 14

I'm not sure why you got downvoted so much O.o I completely agree, OP definitely needs a way to keep clean regardless of sensitivities

you should have either told her about it or just not given crap about what she says...

PhDInLife 8

Why don't you carry your own soap with you? If you know you are allergic and also know how unhygienic it is to not wash, YDI for putting yourself in that position!

That's exactly what I was thinking.