By cauteriseme - 01/01/2011 15:37 - United Kingdom

Today, as the clock struck twelve for the new year, I was in the bathroom having a nosebleed. FML
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"Get out of the bathroom, you've been in there since last year!"


Yes, your life is ****** up because of a bloody nose. -.-

Who cares if you had a damn bloody nose. half the world was sleeping. Women make everything so dramatic.

m0tl3ycru3qwr 0

#1- that's a great assumption

To quote Ralph Wiggum: You won't have so many nose bleeds if you keep your finger outta there.

DaveOnDope 4

When I was on meth 20 years ago I had a blister or somthing pop in my nose and a stream of banana colored pus come out.

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No, it doesn't. Bloody hell. It's a flipping NOSEBLEED, not herpes. It happened on New Years? Boo-hoo, quit complaining, OP.

You go into the bathroom and take pictures. You're totally cool.

cowboyy_fml 0

Um.... good for you? Not really a big deal. At all.

yeah op get over it. I was in bed half asleep playing fruit ninja on my iPod.

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^^^^^ your new years sounds awesome! you're me hero! :)

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i was sitting in the middle of the street in 30 degree weather for the rose parade i didnt even want to see

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Aha! i was in bed playin angry birds on my ipod touch

i was buckling my belt back up from a long piss!

Lol I was taking a leek I couldn't hold it it XD were on the same boat ;)