By straightlyconfused - 27/05/2012 13:20 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, my car broke down and had to be towed to the dealership. Normally, this would be just unlucky but I work with kids and we had been fundraising for charity. I am now sitting at the dealership with my hair coloured purple, red and blue and in ridiculously high pigtails while people stare. FML
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In these stressful times is where you got to show your "true colors" XD

^^ you look like a poureto rican Justin bieber.


In these stressful times is where you got to show your "true colors" XD

That doesn't make sense whatsoever.well it makes sense, just not funny.

^^ you look like a poureto rican Justin bieber.

crispy174 7

Bebe, bebe, bebe aye! Alright, I'll even thumb that down myself.

C'mon let's not hurt his self esteem. We surely wouldn't want any self destructive behavior.

Ironic how the pic above Bieber is a pedo bear and the one below him is Stan ready to shoot... These are the 2 things that surround the real Justin Bieber, pedos and people who wanna shoot him!

xoconnie 8

take the pigtails out at least...

OP, thank you for doing the amazing work that so many people in our society couldn't possibly do. Personally I'm horrible with kids and would only do damage if I did what you do. I hope when I have children, they will have people like you around that go the extra mile to improve their lives and educate them. So thank you.

No I don't believe that 2 thinks at all.

The though never even crossed my mind! Who'da thought somebody who posts an fml would be unlucky

Just add some yellow, orange and green and say you ate skittles.

Rainbow hair makes you 20% cooler. Be proud :)

Yes! You can be just like Rainbow Dash!

Taste the rainbow? Bitch please, BE the rainbow.

caplox 6

At least the kids didn't shave off your hair..

The **** did I just read? Oh yea, a comment that made no sense.

And this comment is relevant because..? Why would they shave off OP's hair?

jimbob95 5

20 - i'm guessing a lot of things don't make sense to you...

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I've seen worse...and it wasn't for any type of fundraising!

I'd have a little fun with the gawkers....

Like what kind of fun? Your comment kind of scares me... I imagine a person with rainbow colored hair making sexual gestures, which is not something I would want to see while sitting in a car dealership. Or anywhere really.

KnightAngela1109 10

You should start charging and put on a show, you said you wanted to raise money for a fundraiser:)

Sounds like a Hatsune Miku with more hair colors. Start singing in Japanese, they will love you.

Or you could just take out the pigtails and pretend you are some emo goth chick

That's embarrassing. Just explain the situation to them