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Today, while in line at the supermarket, I told the lady behind me that she had a cute baby. She shot me a disgusted look and straight up accused me of being a pedophile. FML
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OP you can't call a baby sexy, just saying lol

Nope. I can almost guarantee I'd have been called a bitch or worse if I'd been standing in front of the exact same woman, because I find babies to be the polar opposite of cure and would have been doing all I could to ignore it, pay for my groceries and be on my way. Chin up, OP. You would've lost regardless of how you handled the situation.

sohigh10 34

This is why we can't be nice to each other..

I bet that lady is also one of them that posts tons of pictures of her kid in Facebook where she can't really control who sees her kid.

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Sure, if you consider sticky, smelly, wailing little creatures with a half-formed brain to be cute.

countryb_cth 38

Most babies are cute. The best part of not having any is if they cry you just give them back to their parents. However I will agree that some are really alien looking.

I have yet to see one that meets my definition of cute. The best part of not having a baby to me is that you don't have a baby!

#33 The original meaning of cute was 'ugly, but interesting.' That fits. :)

43, I could accept this interpretation as 5's meaning...if I found babies interesting. But I never knew that! Thank you for the cool new info!

Rectov 10

No offense but, newborns aren't cute. I get the joy of being a parent, I really do, but they look like half melted candles. But once they hit 2-4 they get cute. And are way more cute when they stop crapping themselves

Rectov 10

They wail because they want something or are uncomfortable. But you sound like all you want to do is slam babies against walls so... I wouldn't suggest having kids.

I felt the same way as you until I had my own. I still don't think most babies are cute. Just mine. Which are the most adorable little ***** out there lol.

Welllll, fancy that, 67! I just so happen to not want children to begin with! Thanks for the retroactive suggestion, I'll be sure to take it to heart. Too bad the wailing never really stops until they're preteens. Even then, it only turns to scorn and backtalk as they age. Fuggetaboudit!

cebsvt 14

Sounds like a stuck up bitch to me.

It really pisses me off that there are so many people out there who automatically think a man is a pedophile just because he likes children or finds them adorable. I don't see people up in arms every time a woman does the same thing. That woman is a bitch op and don't you listen to her.

And if you're a woman who doesn't like children and doesn't find them adorable, you're automatically a psychopath! Just because babies disgust me does not mean I wish harm on them, just as it doesn't mean a guy is sexually attracted to kids if he finds them charming.

blobbertthethird 24

I'm female and I don't want kids. Whenever I have my two-month-old niece with me, people assume she's mine. I correct them and am always asked where MY kids are or when I'm having kids. I tell them never, because I wouldn't be a good mother. I've been repeatedly told "Oh, you'll change your mind when you have them." or "Oh, kids are easy." or "Oh, but you're so good with your niece." I've even been told by a random guy that I SHOULD have kids because my parents had me. Um, what? I know myself better than random strangers and I know I couldn't do it.

Damn, 51, I don't even have the patience to watch a two-month old for any length of time! It really is remarkable how strangers think they know you better than you do. Or family, as well. In spite of the fact that I generally spend most family gatherings avoiding my cousin's one-year-old like the plague, my aunts and uncles are always trying to contrive ways of getting me to read to the baby, play a game with the baby, sing to the baby, etc. because they're convinced that once I realize how awesome this baby is (maybe true for the parents, definitely is not for me), I'll want one of my own. You'd think they'd take a hint after the first 5000 times I said, "I think Grandma would be better suited to do that," but nope!

#51 How the hell does someone come to the conclusion that you have kids and that they're elsewhere then ask where they are if you only have your niece with you... Common sense really isn't common, it seems. Sorry you have to deal with that

She could have at least said thank you! I swear people are so quick to judge each other. Unless you were taking pictures or acting creepy then she shouldn't freak out. Jeez lady, need a happy pill? I'm sorry OP!

IcyDarcy 10

FYL for sure. Some parents just go crazy when you look at/say anything to their kids. I'm a woman and yet, I've had people look at me like I was a dangerous criminal just 'cause I smiled to their kid and gently told them, "Pardon me, young boy/girl" 'cause they were standing in my way... I don't even wanna imagine what it's like when you're a man and you just happen to be nice to kids.

I usually get the opposite. I'm a woman who hates children. The looks and comments I get when I abstain from interaction with kids are way ruder than my refusal to engage with them.