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By Jane - 22/12/2012 23:29 - Canada - Niagara Falls

Today, I confronted my 18-year-old daughter about her excessively lengthy showers. She said she didn't see the big deal, considering the water "comes free with the house." No dear, it doesn't. FML
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Redox127 7

Let her pay a bill and then see how she feels about her shower length.

StalkerChick 13

Just do what my mom used to do, bang on the door and yell until she gets out. Or invest in a shower timer.


StalkerChick 13

Just do what my mom used to do, bang on the door and yell until she gets out. Or invest in a shower timer.

Lindahhxd 7

Tell her that she can have all the "free" water she wants in her OWN apartment. She's 18 and doesn't know that nothing is free?

That seems like a lot of work, 1. Tell her to move out or pay rent...

that_guy666 3

do what we do in our house, if one is taking too long turn on the hot water in the sink and it cuts off the hot in the shower. that'll get them out.

My parents learnt very quickly that turning the hot water off was the best way to get me out of the shower when the shower timer etc. didn't work. Sneaky bastards.

oj101 33

Banging on the door is the most obnoxious thing anyone can do. If someone did that to me, I would make sure their life sucks more than mine, and they'd deserve it. Had plenty of that in boarding school.

The most obnoxious thing anyone can do? I disagree. In this senario the daughter was wasting the parents money by increasing the water bill. They would have every right to bang on the door to tell her to get out. If she was paying for her OWN water, it would be a different matter...

51- boarding school ? Sounds like your parents got sick of your long showers pretty early on. It's only obnoxious if they weren't paying for the water, unless you meant the daughters behavior was obnoxious if so then you are right ... Perhaps her parents should ship her off to boarding school.

Lindahhxd - Actually, in a lot of apartments, tenants don't pay for water.

Water is pretty cheap, depending on where you live. The real cost is in the electricity or natural gas to heat it.

Wasn't this part of an episode of 8 Simple Rules?

Redox127 7

Let her pay a bill and then see how she feels about her shower length.

mcBe 6

My mom just flushes the toilet in the other bathroom to screw with the shower temperature

ideasrule 13

It's about 8 cents per shower. Sure, make her pay for it. She'll probably take even longer showers once she realizes how inexpensive it is.

You have absolutely no idea. If you think it's that cheap, then you've obviously never paid a water bill.

Sometimes it feels good to take a long shower, but paying the bill is another story.

get rid of your detachable shower head, she will be single again...

Use up most of the hot water.

Hot water is heated by gas or electricity, which also costs. Cutting your nose to spite your face...good call.

If you do chores like fishes and stuff before she takes a shower there won't be much left.

In my house we do not have a set amount of warm water. I have a heater that can heat all of the water coming from our well, so we never need to worry our warm water will run out

Squirrel1256 15

Oh yes, I know where you are coming from. My sister was like that when she was a teenager.

Come on...leave the poor girl alone. Everyone needs their fap time. lol

I like these stories.

You could turn the hot water heater way down so it gets cold quick!

NickaPLZ 26

Friend's dad used to do that!

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

"Come on mom, I need more time to jam with my clam"

My mom too gets upset if I leave the fan running. God! what's with these moms. "Air is free mom".

Electricity is not, as far as I'm aware. ;)

Fairly sure he was being sarcastic, ^.

**goes outside, gets shot.**

Why does your daughter think water comes free with the house? She is 18 years old. She should be a bit smarter than this.

Should be a LOT smarter than this

It comes free with my house. The area I live in water and sewage are free, electricity, landlines and other utilities are not.

Let me re-phrase that: it's built into our taxes and costs the same for everyone regardless of use, property size, income, or household size.