By confused_girl - 01/08/2013 05:10 - United States - Cedar Rapids

Today, I got the sex talk from my dad. It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't said, "It's not the size of the stick, it's how you use it." I'm a girl. FML
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Wizardo 33

Maybe he was talking about ******?

He's just trying to make sure you don't get disappointed some day


Wizardo 33

Maybe he was talking about ******?

then000bster 16

At least there wasn't any bit of show and tell. I'm sure some kids have had worst sex talks. *patiebtly waits for more comments*

Actually, my parents handled the sex talk perfectly. Though I guess there isn't a lot of ways to make the sentence "Don't ever have sex." awkward...

Zimmington 21

Maybe he was just repeating the same sex talk his father gave him.

I was lucky in that my mum is as socially awkward as me so the whole talk was, "You know how babies are made?" "Yup." "My work here is done."

I've never really had the sex talk. School and internet is definitely sufficient enough.

AtomicDiamond87 15

Never had a sex talk either but kinda glad... No awkwardness for me.

kewpiesuicide 29

My mom made me watch the Lifetime show 15 and Pregnant and quizzed me about it

Yeah, my mom emailed me asking if I had sex with guys I normally wouldn't while stoned. (I do not) She also gave me a box of condoms on homecoming night when I didn't even have a date.

"Don't ever have sex. Or you'll get pregnant. And die." My mom doesn't even have to explain it anymore.

He's just trying to make sure you don't get disappointed some day

Maybe trying to make himself feel better. Lets be honest, size does matter, doesn't matter how good you use it if you can't feel it.

sweety if i can make myself ****** with one finger then an entire penis should be able to do the job correctly don't you think?

monnanon 13

if they were used in the same way then maybe you would have a point. it does matter a bit but girth not length and even then a penis doesnt need to be huge.

24 - good sex isn't just about the penis (and size of said penis) you know...

I wasn't saying size is everything but it is important. I'm also not saying someone needs to have the biggest penis in the world but it does effect the sex if you can barely feel it. I know that good sex isn't all about the penis but you can't deny it has an impact.

I think it's important to point out that even if there is a small penis involved, there are a lot of different components to what makes sex great. Intimacy, physical attraction, going out of your way to please your partner are just a few examples of this. Just because a guy has a bee sting for a peen, doesn't mean he can't provide sexual gratification in other ways. He can be very good at oral, or he might be very good with his hands. Great sex is about way more than just penis/****** penetration.

"Bee sting for a peen" just made me spit out my cup of tea.

I'll admit, I don't have the biggest dick in the world. But both my fiancée and I know how to work with what we have. And it works great. I don't know where this "big dick" thing came from, but it's time it's put to rest. The size of a man's penis has almost nothing to do with pleasing a woman.

66 I literally said in the above comment that I know the size of the penis isn't everything when it comes to good sex, but it makes an impact. 77 the only thing I said about big dicks is that I know you don't have to have the biggest dick. I was saying that if you can't feel it, it's not very good and that is defiantly not talking about an average sized penis and I was talking about abnormally small penises not average sized.

Furytalon 14

Maybe he's trying to say don't go for the biggest??

Exactly! He's trying to steer you away from those guys that are big dicks

Maybe your dad is trying to defend his kind?

maybe he didnt want you to judge the guys you hook up with?

Confused indeed. Maybe he prepared that for a potential son and never got around to preparing a daughterly one. Dad-daughter interactions arent always the most effective.

TheDrifter 23

While op's mental image may be disturbing, the advice is still valid, just a little kinkier because he's advising OP to "use" her boyfriend's stick to get the job done.

I understand. The comment was said in good nature. In seriousness, the proper way to say this would be that the father clearly didn't connect the topic to a daughter and should have catered it more to her.

Barriaultcory 16

Maybe he's trying to tell you he wishes you were a son? Lol

Maybe he doesn't want you to get discouraged if the stick isn't what you expect it to be? I'm just as confused as you OP.

PterodactylMan 23

I hope the OP thought long and hard about this

Also likely that he just wamted her Have a Firm GRASP on it, as she should have a Good SIZEABLE ammount of knowledge on the situation At HAND, so that she Is not completely SCREWED in the CUMING HARD Trials of choosing wether or not to becum Sexualy Active And TAKE IT Easily when deciding..... ...penis.

Woah you are right. Maybe this is an awkward situation. Yolo