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Today, while taking a walk in the forest, someone approached me and asked to borrow the knife I had clipped to my pocket. I happily obliged, assuming he just needed it as a tool. Instead, he used the knife to mug me, taking my cellphone and my wallet. I was robbed with my own knife. FML
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blairvic tells us more.

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Hey. Firstly, I am Canadian, and in Ontario, you can carry a folding (not spring assisted or butterfly) knife, with a blade under 3 or 4 inches in length. You can look up the rules if you want. So yes, I was carrying it legally. And why do I carry a knife? Because I use it as a tool. It's not a weapon. I was in the forest, it was a tool. He said he needed it as a tool. I believed him, it's a logical claim. I can understand why it would seem like a ridiculously dumb idea to let someone borrow your knife, but you need to understand two things: I live in a small, Canadian town. I literally can not remember the last time anyone was attacked here, so I did not fear attack. Also, we were deep in the forest, where there are many reasons that one needs a knife. So, I let him use the knife because he said he needed it. I know it's kind of stupid, and I'm never lending out a knife again, but oh well. He seemed like a nice, polite, well put together guy. He didn't look like your typical mugger, so that's why I lent it out. He had obviously seen the clip of the knife, as I carry it clipped to the inside of my pocket, as that's the law where I live. And people saying "a woman in a forest, alone, lending out her knife to weird men.... bad idea", I agree. But, I'm not the type of woman you want to fight with, and I'm not some delicate woman alone and afraid. I can hold my own. But, I do have too much faith in humanity, and I trust people too much. As for people saying "track down your phone", I did. I live close to the forest, so I just ran back home and tracked the phone down. I had it back within a few hours. I lost the $70 in my wallet, but that's not much. He was a stupid thief. The police took care of him. And, by the way, I never got my knife back :( I'm gonna go buy another knife, and I'm never gonna lend it out again. In the end, it was scary (I've never been mugged before) and I lost $100 ($70 cash from my wallet, and the knife was worth $30 ish), but I've learned a lesson. Thanks, everyone. And yes, I know I deserved it!

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perdix 29

He did use it as a tool -- a money-making tool!


be careful out there next time be smarter about your choices and stay safe!!!



be careful out there next time be smarter about your choices and stay safe!!!

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He was just in a rush to get the first comment, if you don't like it, thumb it down and move on.

There's really no way I can see OP could have been more careful here, besides maybe finding out what the guy needed the knife for. Personally when people ask to borrow one of my knives I go and do the job for them if I don't know or trust them. That way I don't have to surrender one of my babies.

the most stuipid person on the planet the OP is

coldstar 15

#46 Why couldn't she have just said no? Since when is it considered necessary to allow people you don't know to use your personal possessions? If a stranger asks me to hand over any of my personal possessions my answer is always along the lines of "no, sorry, I don't know you". Who cares if it's not very polite? You don't owe them anything. We live in a dangerous world and all need to do our best to avoid potential trouble for the sake of our own safety and wellbeing. If being less polite to strangers helps us stay safe then we should be all for it.

perdix 29

He did use it as a tool -- a money-making tool!

sematariux 7

I think it's one of those "get rich quick" schemes... Seems a little more effective than most, maybe Kevin Trudeau should take notes.

This one goes to my favorites. Well done!

You're lucky he didn't do anything else!

TheDrifter 23

Yeah, it'd be totally creepy if he started making sandwiches right there on the trail.

Zimmington 21

Well Op is a girl I think #4 was talking about rape

Zimmington 21

Well Op is a girl I think #4 was talking about rape

I dont get why 4 is thumbed down. Its true. OP is lucky he didn't do anything else to her. OP while you shouldn't have handed him your knife I'm sorry you had to go through that, it must have been very scary to experience that. Even if you didn't give him your knife since mugging you was his intent I wouldn't have been surprised if he just attacked you anyway.

NotGabe 28

Imma take a stab in the dark and say he was just a cut above you.

tfriedrich49 9

Knife pun! You really spoon fed him that one op. it still sucks that you had to fork over the money

Don't you mean... knife over the money?

tfriedrich49 9

#36, why wood you say so? I guess I wasn't sharp enough in my first comment.

Jeez. You were kind to a person and get rewarded with that. I hope you know what he looked like for the police statement!

lexi365 20

Rewarded for doing good deeds? That doesn't happen in real life.

FinJage 18

He was naive and hopefully will learn.

similar thing happened to me. guy asked to borrow knife and then proceeded to flatten a random tire. I bet mugging was much scarier.

That was a bit silly wasn't it. I can't decide which to vote now.

Zimmington 21

She obviously deserves it for being nice to strangers.

I feel like it would be too mean to say YDI to such a nice person. I mean, he is the victim here. Just cause he made a less-than- clever act of what he thought was being kind, doesn't mean he deserves to be berated. Of all people I'm sure he is the one kicking himself the most for handing it over.

There was a comment before mine that said "that's what you get for being nice to strangers" so it's clear that whoever said that has no friends because how can you make friends if you're not nice to strangers?

Sorry OP, you should not be allowed to carry a knife.

No one should, but does that stop them?

Im sure the mugger allready had a knife, but when he saw op's knife he thought asking her knife was the sollution to prevent a counterattack. The pervert.

#48, you're a ******* idiot. A knife is an extremely useful and important tool that we could not live without. It's the basis for creating pretty much everything. Sure, some people can't be trusted with a ******* crayon, but most are responsible enough to keep themselves in order. I got my first knife for my tenth birthday and I've never stabbed, mugged or attacked anyone.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#48- No one should be allowed to carry a knife? Wtf?

deathfyre8 13

The state determines that. Not you.

Why would you hand a knife to some random person without first asking why they need it? I'm sorry but YDI.

Even if OP asked why he wanted it, I'm sure the mugger would have come up with a plausible reason as to why he needed it.

True, but rather than hand the knife over OP could have done what the person needed the knife for rather than handing it over.

So OP, if I stopped you by the roadside and asked for your car keys, will I get that too? You seem very generous...