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Today, I overheard my mom giving my 6-year-old daughter the sex talk. FML
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I was 5 it's pretty normal to have the "sex talk" as in, explaining where baby's come from

Everyone is different but I think that is way too young.


Everyone is different but I think that is way too young.

It's not too young if she asked, but to a child that age you would just give very plain, non-graphic information that answers her questions, but leaves it at that.

Children are never too young to know about their body, as long as your mother told it the appropriate way I think it's fine.

I had learned about sex because I had an older brother and older friends. When they told me, it wasn't anywhere near a full description. It was only that a man and a women came together and made a child by having sex. OP, if you're honestly worried about you're daughter being too young, it probably won't make any difference in the long run and probably has little significance until she can comprehend it. And in any case, kids gotta grow up eventually. And though age six is a bit too early to be sharing any detail, it's not too early to start talking about small things.

Time to start supervising your own mother, hopefully she wasn't too graphic about it

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why is this getting down voted it is messed up

#58 because it is like a no sh¡t moment.

No, it's not because it's a "no shit" moment; it's because knowledge is power. Ignorance is only bliss to the one who remains willfully ignorant. You can certainly plug your ears and sing "O, Canada", but the rest of us still have to put up with you.

Well, you can't excactly have "the talk" too early in life, so I do not see a big problem here.

I think the problem is that the grandmother took it upon herself to give her the talk. It should be the parents' decision when and how to broach that subject.

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It was OP's mom, making it the kids grandmother.

Maybe the girl doesn't trust her own mum to take her seriously enough to talk about sex so she went to the grandmother.

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especially after reading these stories of 10 year olds having sex. better learn it young than on the streets.

I agree, however it won't be the mother OP's daughter will be coming to with questions. It will be OP, and OP may not be prepared to answer the questions. OP's mother should have asked permission before she said anything like that the the daughter.

When I was 5, my sister explained to me what sex was. However she did it so badly, I thought just sitting on a chair counted as sex, so I felt really bad when sitting on anything.

I'm with #5 on this, it depends what kind of talk it was and how it was delivered. My year old daughter knows the correct terms for all of her body parts, what happens to a womans body during puberty. I babysit my friends 1 year old son so she knows what a penis is and my friend is also studying to be a midwife so my daughter has seen all the photos in her text books of where babies come from..... But I wouldn't allow anyone other than myself or a professional (such as a doctor or health teacher) to discuss the ACTUAL sex talk with her

I think everyone is missing the point that the sex talk should not come from grandmom

As a medical professional I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with 10-12 year old girls giving birth. Most of the time they have these crazy thoughts about ways you won't get pregnant, like being on top, or standing up directly after. It is vital for kids to be informed properly on this topic at a younger age, yes a six year old does not need all of the specifics but you can at least explain the concepts and basics, doing this can help protect them from predators also. However, it was not the grandmothers place to explain it without first talking to the mother.

#84 has it right. While it's totally okay to explain things to a young kid (I knew how babies were made at that age), grandma should have left it for OP to do it.

Oh god, my FIVE year old, not year old

That's a little early, don't ya think? ?

Steve95401 49

It's not too early if The Talk is done in a way that is appropriate for her age.

That's very true, I hope it was age appropriate!

It doesn't matter if it was appropriate for her age or not, it's not her moms place to give the sex talk to a child that isn't hers. I really wouldn't be impressed if my mom or my mother in law took it upon themselves to have that kind of discussion with my child without me knowing about it first.

I'll bet she even made practical anatomy demonstrations using apples and bananas.

I was 5 it's pretty normal to have the "sex talk" as in, explaining where baby's come from