By teecrafter2038 - 12/03/2015 14:07 - United States - Port Chester

Today, I was walking my dog. Suddenly, my insane neighbor who loves dogs a bit too much comes over and asks to pet my dog. I say OK, thinking that if I watch her, she won't do anything. I turn around to make sure no cars are coming and when I turn back, she's trying to steal my dog. FML
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Hey it's op here, Thanks for commenting so quickly. I'm not really sure if this is gonna work but whatever. To give a bit more detail, I live in a cul-de-sac and my dog wasn't on a leash because we were right by my house. My dog is a pug and he fits into my neighbors arms. I didn't call the police but I am going to keep a leash on my dog from now on. I heard my neighbor might be moving so I am just going to hope for the best. Oh and I am pretty sure she can't afford to buy/rescue a dog. I am not really sure.

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So you're saying you're neighbor tried to be a thug and mug a pug but you had to tug the dog away from that crazy bug and you were going to call the police but instead gave a shrug? That psycho really needs her own dog to hug.

nwaugh72 12

What was her plan honestly? She was just going to run to her house with the dog and hide? She really is insane.


Aadavis94 25

I would of curb stomped her.

1dvs_bstd 41

Seth Rollins, is that you?

be sure to curb your neighbours.

iLike2Teabag 27

You mean "woof" have curb stomped her, right?

Yea I'm sorry but she'd have to die...

It's a doggy dog world out there. She almost got her paws on your furry friend but I guess she's in the dog house now. Maybe now she'll quit sniffing around...

CheesyPotatoe5 8

I think you mean "dog eat dog" world..

JskTheFork 14

#17 That's what I thought until she made all the other dog puns

23 Yeah but dog eat dog would've been a pun anyway...why change it?

I'm sorry. I typically love puns, but this comment is just bad...

That was hella burnt

I think the doggy dog bit is from Modern Family

that was a RUFF attempt #2, wouldn't you say? i mean people just BARKED at you for that comment of yours.

73- you don't have to capitalize the puns. We can see them just fine.

... Just stop.. Chill

nwaugh72 12

What was her plan honestly? She was just going to run to her house with the dog and hide? She really is insane.

10/10 would do the same.

star14394 20

Always a good start to the morning..but no seriously call the cops

"Jokes on you, that's a 110lb German shepherd, bitch!"

with titanium teeth.

Gotta put that bitch on a leash!

Who, her or the dog?

Don't let her pet your boyfriend

At least u caught her shady ass.

I wonder if a judge would grant a restraining order.... cause that's just beyond creepy and inappropriate.

I bet she'd still try to dognap again.

elyssa112 6

I was seriously just thinking that . That woman is nuts !