By babygirllxo - 13/07/2010 18:28 - Canada

Today, I slipped on the wet floor at work and sprained my wrist badly. I was carrying the wet floor sign so no one would slip. FML
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That's amazing. I wanna see that

If you were American, you could sue and retire. Ah, well. Have a Molson and cheer up.

Not to be the douche, but you knew there was a wet safe. :|

ha how ironic! sorry to hear :(


lol you shouldve gotten there quicker....duh

When irony and gravity join forces, shit happens. Nuff said.

that's goddamn ironic. .

ydi for being a janitor

14 ur a douche, obviously he didn't do it onpurpose... then u come in derpppp maybe u should be safe and not fall.... way to be captain obvious u dick head

do you know what that means I speak fluent Italian..

Ironic, and it's time to sue.

Finally, people are correctly using the word "ironic."

Lol at 106 and at 87 does it mean "I love you" I speak Spanish and it is basically almost spelled the same

so did you get the sign up? someone could fall ^.^

I like your hair #113 Kinda like you're snow covered =] In a good way lol (I like snow)

Ich liebe dich.

'i love you' in French and German

good job 25; you won an fml cookie

i want a cookie too :(

lol 36 whatchu got?

Просто используйте русский язык. Я люблю тебя!

te amo - i love you , in spanish (:

yo te amo mucho! oh yeah

latin boy ooohhh yeeeaahh! hahaha :P

what did 51 say?

bachari nu sumjh ne onthie

#64, I said it's simply better to speak in Russian, and said I love you in it. Not that I love you, though. Sowwwwy

69- oohhh. and by all means, don't be sowwy lol

jIH muSHa' SoH (in Klingon)

I love you (english)

bhebak (arabic) wa ay nee (chinese) kezi chat ge sirem (armenian) Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi (bengali) Obicham te (bulgarian) S'agapo (greek) i want my cookie hmph :(

88 collect the whole set!

" " (ASL-- and yes, I really signed it.)

би чамд хайртай.. монголоор..! bi chamf hairtai- Mongolian ;)

#88 No cookie for you. Sowwies. I don't think it can go through the computer. D:

ILY (Lazy people)

ech lebe ech du it what my mom taught me is i love you in germen

#51 русских в комментах больше нет? :(

Back when I worked at McDonalds I had these sneakers that were slip-resistant both for wet and greasy floors. They cost ~$20 at payless and really helped. Something like that might be a good investment in the future.

Oh sweet, sweet irony.

The irony of this makes me lol..

hahah ydi, for working somewhere cheap ;) haha. jk. maybe its karma? anyways i would pay to see that hahaha.

How badly sprained? If you can't work, then you should at least be eligible for workers compensation. Regardless, that sucks. FYL.

OP you should give me your address to I can mail you a slip n slide, apparently you'd be quite good at it.

So* I can mail you a slip n slide