By babygirllxo - 13/07/2010 18:28 - Canada

Today, I slipped on the wet floor at work and sprained my wrist badly. I was carrying the wet floor sign so no one would slip. FML
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XxFallenbladexX 0

Oh the IRONY!

irony at it's best!


nanners16 0

workers comp!

That's amazing. I wanna see that

If you were American, you could sue and retire. Ah, well. Have a Molson and cheer up.

OhWowFYLindeed 0

Not to be the douche, but you knew there was a wet safe. :|

kieran247 0

ha how ironic! sorry to hear :(

956TXking 0


BabyDacey 0

lol you shouldve gotten there quicker....duh

Desuhhray 0


When irony and gravity join forces, shit happens. Nuff said.

sirfuzzitoes 0

that's goddamn ironic. .

hghiPigh 0

ydi for being a janitor

14 ur a douche, obviously he didn't do it onpurpose... then u come in derpppp maybe u should be safe and not fall.... way to be captain obvious u dick head

ChocolateEclaire 0

Ti amo (Italian)

BabyDacey 0

do you know what that means I speak fluent Italian..

Ironic, and it's time to sue.

Finally, people are correctly using the word "ironic."

Lol at 106 and at 87 does it mean "I love you" I speak Spanish and it is basically almost spelled the same

Shookitup 0

so did you get the sign up? someone could fall ^.^

I like your hair #113 Kinda like you're snow covered =] In a good way lol (I like snow)

KiddNYC1O 20

je t'aime

Ich liebe dich.

KiddNYC1O 20

aww lmao

bdrodd 0

'i love you' in French and German

KiddNYC1O 20

good job 25; you won an fml cookie

i want a cookie too :(

KiddNYC1O 20

lol 36 whatchu got?

Просто используйте русский язык. Я люблю тебя!

te amo - i love you , in spanish (:

KiddNYC1O 20

yo te amo mucho! oh yeah

latin boy ooohhh yeeeaahh! hahaha :P

KiddNYC1O 20

what did 51 say?

bachari nu sumjh ne onthie

#64, I said it's simply better to speak in Russian, and said I love you in it. Not that I love you, though. Sowwwwy

KiddNYC1O 20

69- oohhh. and by all means, don't be sowwy lol

RedPillSucks 31

jIH muSHa' SoH (in Klingon)

I love you (english)

FreshSalad 1

I hate you

bhebak (arabic) wa ay nee (chinese) kezi chat ge sirem (armenian) Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi (bengali) Obicham te (bulgarian) S'agapo (greek) i want my cookie hmph :(

sosoinlove09 0

LOL @ 76

88 collect the whole set!

" " (ASL-- and yes, I really signed it.)

би чамд хайртай.. монголоор..! bi chamf hairtai- Mongolian ;)

#88 No cookie for you. Sowwies. I don't think it can go through the computer. D:

ILY (Lazy people)

ech lebe ech du it what my mom taught me is i love you in germen

#51 русских в комментах больше нет? :(

Back when I worked at McDonalds I had these sneakers that were slip-resistant both for wet and greasy floors. They cost ~$20 at payless and really helped. Something like that might be a good investment in the future.

XxFallenbladexX 0


Oh sweet, sweet irony.

3mi1y_ 16

The irony of this makes me lol..

debbtennis 0

hahah ydi, for working somewhere cheap ;) haha. jk. maybe its karma? anyways i would pay to see that hahaha.

XxFallenbladexX 0

Oh the IRONY!

sdman923 0

How badly sprained? If you can't work, then you should at least be eligible for workers compensation. Regardless, that sucks. FYL.

awhsum 0

wow -_-

OP you should give me your address to I can mail you a slip n slide, apparently you'd be quite good at it.

So* I can mail you a slip n slide