By RR - United States
Today, I went with my sister to get our eyebrows waxed. I didn't think my eyebrows were that bad--and they weren't! When the guy waxed my eyebrows, he gestured my lips and said, "Moustache, too?" Mortified, I said, "No!" to which he replied, "Aw, someone no get kissy tonight." FML
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  plexico  |  3


Therein lies the problem: she didn't THINK she had a mustache, but the waxing guy saw it.

He's right on the money. No kissy for you. That is the biggest turn-off for normal guys. Spend the money and get that shit taken care of.

  genius_man16  |  0

plexico here is right. That's disgusting. SHAVE THAT SHIT!! Even if it's "peach fuzz" it's still disgusting.

Although, I also prefer to keep my mustache shaven as to not be a hypocrite, although i know most girls don't care.

  ididitmyself  |  0

at those salons that do the eyebrow waxing, they ALWAYS ASK if you want 'mustache too' it's called upselling. They honestly do do it even if you don't have hair on your lip.

  Nakedsquirrel  |  5

The worst part is when the girl has a nice body. I've seen plenty of aged grandma types that might as well have full fledged handlebars, but it's just SO WRONG when an otherwise nice looking girl is sporting some fucking bush on her lip.


I agree with number 70. Same thing happened to me once. When I told the lady no, she said something like "Oh, honey, you need it." Truth is, I really didn't - she was just trying to make the extra money.

@46 - Would you rather your girl have a little bit of peach fuzz that you can only see in certain light or stubble? Are you really that dumb?

  deadpoetic333  |  0

Shave the stash? are you fucking kidding me, no no no no. Wax but not shave. I dated a smokin' hot girl who had a stash. It was like wtf, you shave your fucking pubes but you can't take care of that fucking lip hair? I kept my mouth shut about it, like she kept her mouth shut about my acne haha.