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Today, I asked my aunt to pluck my eyebrows since hers are perfectly done. What I didn't know is she gets hers professionally shaped and she doesn't know how to shape eyebrows. I now look like a surprised Vulcan. FML
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They'll grow back, and at least you still have eyebrows, right? I hope they're both the same shape. It would be weird to have two different eyebrows...


They'll grow back, and at least you still have eyebrows, right? I hope they're both the same shape. It would be weird to have two different eyebrows...

finally a first who DOESN'T proclaim first. kudossssss. (:

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Why is it such a big deal when people say first?

it isn't, but people bitch and make a bigger deal out of it than it is.

probly looks like a ****** with those eyebrows... er.. ya like ****!!!!****!!!****!!****!!****!!

haha. Sorry. Let me fix that... I WAS FIRSTTTT!!!!!!!!! (party in my head...)

a man went to a small town where there were only two barbers. one had nicely cut hair, the other looked like someone had taken a lawnmower to his head. the man goes with the awful haircut. think about it.

thats true, but that sucks i moderated this one

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he goes with the one that has the bad haircut because there are only two barbers so the one with the nice haircut cut the other barbers hair

Well when I was 5 a piece of a brick hit my eyebrow and I have a small circle without hair :(

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You should've asked before you asked her to pluck them for you >.

lol! agreed #2! && wow! LMFAO =P. hushhizz babe! it will groow!

Is it ironic that even when no one posts "first" we still get into disccusions about how stupid it is to post about first?

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that sounds like it hurts:(

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It was illogical of her to consent, knowing that she was so bad at it that she had to get it done. Live long and popular.

well OP, sorry you put your trust in the wrong person. I hope they have growen back by now. BTW, you pluck a chicken, you tweeze your eyebrows.

hahahaha that sucks but ya they will grow back so suck it up

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I wonder what a surprised Vulcan would look like. I mean, a surprised Spock or Tuvok? Hard to imagine xD

That's because they don't have emotions. Except for Spock, they couldn't be surprised. FAIL, OP.

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well, remember everytime something fascinating happens, one of spocks eyebrows rise? probably just like that.

Has anyone ever seen a black Vulcan besides Tuvok?

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I was going to say that....haha I wouldn't mind looking like Spock...well maybe I'd mind a little....but anyway, I love how this is the first thing that comes up on FML and I was just about to search for Star Trek FMLs. hehe

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This FML, combined with the Spock haircut FML would be suicide-inducing moments.

Hair doesn't always grow back. Why would she even agree to pluck yours if she doesn't do her own?

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That's what I was thinking. You would think she would say "Oh i get mine professionally done" or something that would warn the OP

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A man was staying in a hotel in small town. He asked customer service where he can get a hair cut. The manager said there were only 2 barber shops, East barber shop and West barber shop. He decided to check out both shops. He went to the East shop and it was so messy and the barber had a messy cut himself, so he went into the West barber shop and it was clean and the barber had hair of a movie star. Where would the man get his hair cut from?

Obviously, he should go to the guy with the messy haircut, since he (most likely) cut the other guys hair. But you would think that the guy would have a clean store at least.

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That's a little harsh, it wasn't dumb, the aunt was just a bitch to not tell her before she ruined them.

who DOESN'T get it professionally done?? isn't that how everyone does it? most people don't know how do it well themselves.

People who aren't rich and have better things to spend their money on than professional eyebrow plucking do it themselves?

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Same, I mean, once you have them shaped, its just easy tweezing here and there.

Yeah seriously, I thought all normal people (who don't want to spend so much on looks) did it themselves, at least me and everyone I know.

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I do my own. I don't have a(n?) uni-brow or anything close to that naturally, so I don't see the point in wasting money on something that I consider rather trivial in my case.

I do my own as well, and I get compliments on my eyebrows a lot.

Most people just deal with having "unplucked" eyebrows

am I first!? omg yay!!! hi FML! anyway, you should have asked where she got them done

You sound like someone is filming you on TV. (Lol, overexited much?) Anyway, surprised vulcans ftw man ¦:)