By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I asked my aunt to pluck my eyebrows since hers are perfectly done. What I didn't know is she gets hers professionally shaped and she doesn't know how to shape eyebrows. I now look like a surprised Vulcan. FML
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a man went to a small town where there were only two barbers. one had nicely cut hair, the other looked like someone had taken a lawnmower to his head. the man goes with the awful haircut.

think about it.

  got_rice  |  0

I was going to say that....haha I wouldn't mind looking like Spock...well maybe I'd mind a little....but anyway, I love how this is the first thing that comes up on FML and I was just about to search for Star Trek FMLs. hehe

By  wtf_dood  |  0

A man was staying in a hotel in small town. He asked customer service where he can get a hair cut. The manager said there were only 2 barber shops, East barber shop and West barber shop. He decided to check out both shops. He went to the East shop and it was so messy and the barber had a messy cut himself, so he went into the West barber shop and it was clean and the barber had hair of a movie star. Where would the man get his hair cut from?

  redbluegreen  |  40

Obviously, he should go to the guy with the messy haircut, since he (most likely) cut the other guys hair. But you would think that the guy would have a clean store at least.

  Cloudy_fml  |  0

I do my own. I don't have a(n?) uni-brow or anything close to that naturally, so I don't see the point in wasting money on something that I consider rather trivial in my case.