Nighty night

By leogs23 - 07/03/2021 14:02

Today, I got into trouble for sleeping at work. FML
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ojoRojo 27

I mean, in what world would you not deserve it?


ojoRojo 27

I mean, in what world would you not deserve it?

In a world where you are testing mattresses, CPAP equipment or the like. An unlikely world, but a possible one.

tounces7 27

More like in "What country". Japan - where falling asleep on the job is considered a sign of dedication.

There's a difference between "My boss locked me in and forced me to stay at work for a double shift, then an hour before the end of it, he fired me for falling asleep at my post," and "I thought I could sneak in a nap at work, but I got caught."

And you deserve sympathy why, exactly?

I understand this I got fired for sleeping on the job but I was working 14 hr night shifts for security I had asked if I could take the night off cause I was extremely exhausted they said no I ended up passing out & got let go it sucked cause I was making good money too & I had let them know before hand.

Long shifts and not enough time to sleep at home, narcolepsy, or did you pull an all-nighter thinking you were still young, and could get away with it?