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Today, I got my laptop back after waiting weeks for it to be fixed. It turns out that they didn't fix it; they dusted it off, held it for a few days, and sent it back. FML
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VooDooCarrie91 19

That's why I can't stand customer service!


1221jamw 11

2- Dude, chill out, it could have been a typo.. And regarding to the FML it's how they make money,they will hold it forever do absolutely shit,make you pay just so you can bring it back and give them more money. The one where I live actually will give you money back and attempt to fix it again without you paying.

Well at least for a change we did not see 'first' as a comment.

1221jamw 11

Correction, after a quick read of her profile, it turns out she is unintelligent and/or lazy.

Of course not. Laptop maintenance is completely free.

14 - Or maybe the standard form of English is dying through technology, and she is simply reflecting a universal change in the use of language.

That's no excuse. Grammar Nazis are the grammatical T-cells of the internet, fighting to wipe out the disease that's called illiteracy. Respect them.

Or maybe she's just a lazy twit who can't be bothered to add the "o" in "you" properly because she still has 195 Facebook statuses to "like".

She's sort of duck facing in her profile picture. That should tell you everything you need to know.

New thing nowadays. Apparently, saving the .0001 seconds of time it takes to type a letter, makes sentences easier to read. Why do I feel that some of the general population is beginning to degenerate?

This is why I hate commenting on anything. She might have had a typo, yet she gets down voted like no other and you start commenting on her "duck face." Seriously FML. Is it that hard just to be nice?

61-Regardless of whether or not it was a typo, she didn't even make an effort to make a decent sentence, most likely in the pursuit of first comment. Also, nobody is forcing you to comment. If you can't take the excruciating 2 seconds to add a letter to a comment, then trust me, you're doing us all a favor by not commenting. This is the Internet. Although niceness would be great, it isn't to be expected, especially on FML.

pokemonchick14 - Let me ask you a question. Which would you rather do, spell out "you" and "what" or get lambasted here? Look at her profile info. She can't even be bothered to spell out "know" or "what". That "yu" wasn't a typo, it was laziness. Besides, txt jargon is forbidden in the site rules. I have a feeling you haven't read them.

No, OP didn't pay; they stole their laptop and jumped fences while doing ninja-worthy moves to sneak past the laser security and the gigantic guards holding AK-47s and machine guns. Obviously.

Thumbs down for the ridiculous duck face.

I know it's the Internet. Have you ever been on a real Internet site? Reddit? Funnyjunk? People are nice. Thanks for the condescending comment. I know what the Internet is like.

I think it's funny how everyone's obsessing over grammar. If that person wants to look like an idiot, let them. Is it that hard to try and not point out each flaw someone has?...

61-you hate commenting, so you wrote a comment that explains why you hate commenting. Genius.

Ok 96 let me get this straight. Reddit and funnyjunk are real internet sites, so that makes FML an imaginary one. Makes sense. Also, you say that people are nice, yet you also say that you know the Internet... Honestly I don't even know what to say to that.

Congrats, you all win. I guess I deserved to get ganged up on. Your comments were all witty and sarcastic, while mine were just angry. I apologize.

107- I believe a great place for you to fit in would be 4chan. Try there, everyones sooo nice ;)

Pokemon chick, I'm not seeing much sense coming from you. Three parts, mostly, baffle me: 1) The website actually has a rule against text jargon, so there's really no room to defend it. 2) I don't exactly see how FML isn't a "real" site. 3) When the hell was reddit ever a nice place? I'm an avid redditor and I can tell you that if I make a bad comic, I get comments telling me to kill myself.

Try r/Zelda.. And I know what 4chan is. And I said I was sorry.. Please..

107, Did you apologize? Yes. But you did it in a sardonic manner, so it ended being more offensive than heartfelt.

That's why I take good care of my computer. A lot of places that fix computers don't do shit.

OP should go back in the store and wreak havoc

poor OP. i would have fixed it in one day no matter what the problem

Most likely it's a HP Laptop, the did that to me.....twice than I switched to Toshiba

musicluvr2000 11

#31 - It could have been damaged as a result of something out if the OP's control, like a cheap part from one of the many bad computer manufacturers we have now.

That's why I can't stand customer service!

You can't stand customer service? That's quite vague and abstract of you... :/

In the case I think one would assume it is the customer service of the computer repair people

So you can't stand shitty customer service..? Yeah one would assume most people feel the same...

Michael_92 20

I can't stand AT&T's DSL customer service!! Worst ever. Almost 2 years later and my internet is still slow and drops the line all the time; worst part is no one else to go to :(

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VooDooCarrie91 19

But they don't even deserve monopoly money! or any other form or payment! those lazy bastards...

At least they were kind enough to dust it off for you!

TheDrifter 23

They might even have fixed the sticky keyboard issue while they cleaned.

kitkat2014 6
1221jamw 11

Nobody said it was Dell, but it sounds awfully like them..

kitkat2014 6

I have a Dell and my battery life SUCKS!!!!! I'm looking into getting a MacBook Pro. I love Apple products and I need something with a better battery life.

KVKdragon 26

You and me both lol. I'm getting my MacBook Pro tomorrow since my last HP laptop caught fire after 3 previous breakage incidents

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Macs are awesome. Just got a Pro for my birthday and it's so much better than my Dell already :)

MSI is the way to go all around fantastic!

Apple and MSI are the ways to go for laptops

HeApple in my opinion is terrible their just for looks their overpriced and can't do shit but look cool even the iPhone I'm currently on always freezing and crashing I've sent it back several times PC all the way

KVKdragon 26

Yet my 2010 4th gen iPod Touch has outlasted my 2011 PC that caught fire *troll face* :P

Me being a photographer my MacBook pro is great, the only reason post pc users don't like the Mac is because you can game or it's to hard for others to use. Now for the IPhone mine has never crashed or anything, but I have the Verizon one cause AT&T sucks.

kitkat2014 6

109- I agree completely!!!!!! I have the Verizon iPhone (4S) too and I couldn't be happier :D

BradTheBrony 19

I'm guessing none of you guys do nothing more than blog, facebook, and look at cute cats all day. JUST A HUNCH GUYS.

kitkat2014 6

Says the guy with a my little pony as his display picture? I'm pretty sure that's your day summed up...

BradTheBrony 19

Yeah, no. I game on my computer frequently.

Nymphetamatrix 19

If you payed, demand your money back! Leave a little 25 cent tip for the dusting though.

If you have to do something, do it yourself. Open it up have a look or get a friend to look at it. There are plenty of site to help you buy parts too.

You speak the truth. I replaced the fan on my laptop by watching a video on YouTube. Probably saved myself around 100 bucks.