By Anonymous - 13/11/2015 18:07 - United States - Dearborn

Today, I got my laptop back after lending it to my friend. It wouldn't boot, and after investigating I found out it'd been stripped of its hard drive and all its memory. When I confronted my "friend", he accused me of lying and trying to ruin his reputation. FML
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Report him to the police perhaps? If you have evidence, you bust his ass!

Strip your friend and wipe his hard drive.


Report him to the police perhaps? If you have evidence, you bust his ass!

A guy did this to my ex, and also stole the charger and tried to replace it with the power lead for a desktop. I wanted to report it but there were pictures of me on the hard drive and didn't want to get my ex in trouble... -sigh. Plus this guy seemed like he'd get our families killed if we spoke to the police.

#35, You should've told the police about the threat. He could've gotten in more trouble, and you'd be less likely to be hurt by him again.

38, there was no threat.

There wasnt a threat she said"the guy seemed like he could" so really cant do much unless there is an actual threat.

Ain't a friend call the police

With "friends" like that who needs enemies??

Don't you mean, "with fronds like these who needs anemones?"

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...Steal her memory?

and then........

Sex drive is like a hard drive, right? Steal that too

Don't loan him your car it will end up in a chop shop

Strip your friend and wipe his hard drive.

Sounds kinky

Seems like more of a reward than a punishment.

wouldn't that be a gay-ish thing?

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Sounds like a win-win situation for me ;)

It's all homo, no bromo.

Xandrick 22

Well if we're going by the same context as the laptop, that would mean stripping his friend of his internals and performing a violent laser lobotomy on his brain to "wipe his hard drive." Now doesn't that sound brutal? :P

Now that's my kind of foreplay #54! :P

leogachi 15

I would call the police.

TimTheLeg 11

You mean ex-friend right?

I don't see why people down voted so much, if my "friend" did this they wouldn't be my friend anymore

cadillacgal79 32

It's down voted because it's overused on FMLs

Wait what... What a douche.

Perhaps you should take his memory too?