By Anonymous - United States - Dearborn
Today, I got my laptop back after lending it to my friend. It wouldn't boot, and after investigating I found out it'd been stripped of its hard drive and all its memory. When I confronted my "friend", he accused me of lying and trying to ruin his reputation. FML
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  Mauskau  |  35

A guy did this to my ex, and also stole the charger and tried to replace it with the power lead for a desktop. I wanted to report it but there were pictures of me on the hard drive and didn't want to get my ex in trouble... -sigh. Plus this guy seemed like he'd get our families killed if we spoke to the police.

  Xandrick  |  22

Well if we're going by the same context as the laptop, that would mean stripping his friend of his internals and performing a violent laser lobotomy on his brain to "wipe his hard drive."

Now doesn't that sound brutal? :P

By  leogachi  |  15

I would call the police.