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Today, at work, my computer started acting up. I told my boss I could fix it, but he told me to call the IT department instead. Neither the IT technician or his supervisor could figure it out, so I showed them what was wrong and how to fix it. I was promptly fired for wasting 2 hours of company time. FML
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boatkicker 4

Why did you even tell your boss in the first place? Just fix it, if you can. And if you knew what was wrong, why didn't you just tell the IT people when you called them. "Hey this is what's wrong with my computer. Come fix it, because Boss told me not to."

Well, they did not deserve you as an employee then.


What does "would of" even mean? WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEEEEAN!?! :(((((((

xJASMINEx - Nonsensical means either "lacking intelligible meaning" or foolish. Now how else could I apply that definition? Hmmm...

I kinda want to give xJasminex's comment a positive vote (as opposed to all the negative votes) so everyone who just skims through the comments can see how terrible it is; it's like an English Nazi failing, ha, love it. Unless she be trollin', then job well done I suppose.

Guess I should acknowledge "would of" as well...I would've (would have) said something earlier but I guess I was placated by the first comment's win.

This site is filled with grammar Nazis who completely disregard a comment if it contains a spelling error. Most English teachers acknowledge the point being made even if there is a spelling/grammar error in the piece. Lighten up guys!

well spoken 72. Give us a break English freaks...if we spoke math all day, we'd give you a break.

OP, next time don't tell the boss; just try to fix it and if it don't work, that's when you tell him.

cayytee 0

why didnt you just fix it first instead of complaing to your boss...

boatkicker 4

Why did you even tell your boss in the first place? Just fix it, if you can. And if you knew what was wrong, why didn't you just tell the IT people when you called them. "Hey this is what's wrong with my computer. Come fix it, because Boss told me not to."

FYLDeep 25

Haven't seen you in a while boatkicker. You explained this pretty well.

He told his boss he could fix it. Read it moar carefully

Oh maybe I should...I did fail that and ty for pointing it out lol. Thought She said why didn't

boatkicker 4

I didn't mean "why didn't you tell your boss you could fix it." I meant "Why did you tell your boss that it was broken INSTEAD of just fixing it without telling your boss." FYLDeep. I've been around, I just haven't been saying much of anything worthwhile.

Suavis 4

maybe he would have had to open up the actual computer in which case his boss would probably fire him anyway judging by his lack of sense portrayed in the FML. but I dont know computers so I could be wrong

If your boss walks in to see you messing about with your computer rather than working you will get fired - it sounds like a lame excuse if you say you are trying to fix it. You have to tell the boss that it's broken or call IT. If you know how to fix it then the sensible course is to tell your boss and then fix it. If you do call IT then they nearly always think that they know more about IT than you and will very rarely listen if you say that you know what's wrong. You nearly always have to wait for them to make things worse for a while before you will be allowed to give your non-IT-professional opinion. I get this type of shit a lot.

I find this incredibly hard to believe. If what you say is true then I have to say your life sucks. However, I highly suspect there is something major left out of this story that would show us something completely different then the scenario you have presented.

Ninjafriends 1

It's even possible that the computer malfunction was the fault of the OP, in which case he really did cause the loss of two hours of productivity.

That's still not grounds for firing... if so every dimwit who ruins their computer would be job hunting.

we don't need talk from a persons pic that looks like hitler

Looks more like Charlie Chaplin to me...

KnnNike 2

Agreed. This is just another one of the thousands of stories on here that are either made up, or something is missing (like, "I called my boss a f***ing moron for not letting me fix the problem").

Notarealname 0

What a ******* amazing idea. Do tell me more!

indeed. that was totally unlawful termination.

How does this work? You noticed your computer wasn't working. Instead of fixing it, which you apparently knew how to do, you went to your boss to complain about it? Why would you even do that in the first place? You didn't deserved to get fired for it, but it wasn't your smartest move ever.

I understand OP telling his boss instead of just fixing it, if fixing it toke more than a few minutes that is. But yeah he should've explained the problem and the solution immediately to the IT department.

KVKdragon 26

where does the FML say that he reported it to his boss asap. the boss could have been walking by or nearby when the pc was being screwy. I know they can make random beeps too. mine did when it got a virus and I had to get rid of it with no help whatsoever.

OMG! kvk thanks!!! u seem to be the only one who's able to read haha I'm not even anglophone and I manage to understand everything perfectly. i mean.. come on... I guess people like to complain and put down others a little too much ! anyway tks ur comment gives me some hope :) lol

KVKdragon 26

that's all I try to be, a mature and rational male teen among the cussing and inappropriate joking male teens

I suppose that using correct grammar would be too much on top of your other heroics, wouldn't it, KVKDragon?

KVKdragon 26

when have I ever used incorrect grammar? /:|

Ninjafriends 1

He was referring to the two hours of **** surfing you were doing earlier.

Valle79 5

Were you by any chance very smug about eventually fixing it yourself, or some shit like that?

zp5 4

It sounds like you just went up to your boss and said "Hey, I have a problem with my computer, but I can fix it." Why didn't you just fix it? You don't need to tell people that you have a certain problem before you fix it. It sounds stupid.

Did it occur to you it may be company policy to only let the qualified technicians fix it if it goes wrong? Perhaps it sounds stupid to YOU, but it makes good sense to me.