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  aruden  |  25

It's not. It doesn't sound like OP reported it stolen or missing to the police. He left it at an ex for months with out retrieving it, there for abandoning it.

By  mnshdw818  |  3

That's called theft.
Report this to the police. The pawnshop keeps records of customers. If you can prove it is your laptop and she essentially stole it, she's in big trouble.

  aruden  |  25

Problem is she didn't "essentially steal it" he "essentially" abandoned it by leaving it there for months without retrieving it. With out OP reporting it stolen no crime was committed.

  IcyDarcy  |  9

The police won't do anything. OP never reported the laptop as stolen or even lost, there's no proof he didn't know what happened to it.
The girl could easily say he asked her to pawn it or he gave it to her as a gift, and that he's now trying to get her in trouble because he's mad about the breakup...

So, I'm going with YDI on that one because I can't understand why OP didn't care for months. A laptop isn't like keys or a phone, you don't "lose" it like that.