By MTJY - 12/09/2011 04:53 - United Kingdom

Today, I was talking to my ex. After pouring my heart out to her, saying we were meant for each other, she looked at me and said, "Don't bother, I've already slept with your brother." FML
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Damn some girls are not for every one see if she has a sister ;)

sleep with her brother.. j/k. whatta bitch


Damn some girls are not for every one see if she has a sister ;)

I hope at that moment he realized he needs to move on.

Reply with "that's ok I've already banged your mom".

Ya that would shut her up! Lol.

Sleep with your brothers ex girlfriend.

Girls like that give nice girls a bad name... Sorry nice girls!

My ex GF completely did the same thing to me, but she got pregnant with my little brothers best friend and now she's pregnant with his kid haha, sometimes you have to learn to lean back and wait for the shit to hit the fan because that could be your kid haha.

Basically just sleep with your brother's ex (if he knew that she was your ex) and if she has a sister then her too... :)

oh yeah... cause it's easy to just get a couple revenge bangs...from your ex's sister... go ahead ;)

Jammy01jams 2

OP. I read somewhere that someone is not the one unless they also think that you are the one. If not you were not meant for each other. So you were wrong.

Fuck her best friends

sleep with her brother.. j/k. whatta bitch

Time to smack a hoe.... Forget about that bitch op...

I'm guessing he's a guy, how would sleeping with her brother be revenge, perhaps you mean her sister?

No need to be homophobic, 32. Choice of gender should not be a problem in our "modern" society.

But if you're heterosexual (which I suppose OP is) then having sex with her boyfriend is a problem, even in our "modern" society.

I'm sorry for assuming OP is not gay, bitch

So sex out of spite is out of the question?

No...OP's ex isn't much of a bitch but more of a Ho. Besides, she's an ex for a reason, accept what happened and move on, or you'll just be stuck in her negative enegry.


Wow that sucks OP. That's just horrible.

Red Wings FTW XD

Damn...I'm sorry:/

Sounds like a nice girl. I can see why you were meant for her.

That's just harsh. Hope you find another girl in your life better than your ex. Plenty more fish in the sea...

That happened to me last night too! :O. Without the I've already slept with your brother part.

maybe she did and just didn't tell you. u talking

54- I'm an only child. haha

Well, it's fucked-up from your ex to do your brother and to tell it to you, but she's single. And being single means that she can have sex or relationships without your permission. I'm sorry, OP, I know it must have hurt a lot, but - eventhough it was definitely not respectful or nice - she is free to do whatever and whoever she wants now. To be honest, I think your brother made the biggest mistake by going with someone you still love without telling you. He also has the right to go with whoever he wants, true true, but he is your friggin' brother, he should have showed her that he cared more about you(r feelings) than about a (probably) one-nightstand with her. And even if he truely loved her, he should have spoken to you first. I sincerely hope he once will be sorry - and I also hope you will be able to forgive him. That being said, OP, your relationship is over. She does not love you, you two are not meant for eachother, so stop pouring your heart out to her. I bet it annoyed the crap out of her. Maybe she just wanted to show you on the hard way that it was over. It's time to move on.

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Nice response, but care to leave room for other comments? :P

Good effort here! Situation very well put into perspective. It is more worthwhile reading your single contribution than 100 one-lined ones which are generic and unfruitful. Fml contributors make your mind express itself, not your animal-like cries of shock!

my thoughts too

I can't thumb it up cuz it's too long:(

I don't know about you but I dont think someone with a gas mask on their head is in a position to give sound advice. Stop taking up all the room and try using a bag to cover that mug. Paint some eyes on it, maybe a smile. Could work

She gave better advice than your stupid ass, quit hating idiot

We didn't ask for a life story Charles dickens

I really hurt some feelings here by writing a long comment, didn't I?

Haters gonna hate. I wish I had a gas mask

...keep writing as you see fit; better to take the time to accurately express your sentiment. The thumbs-downers on post-length are generally tools; they fail to see that simply skipping a long post, instead of *taking the time to respond/complain* about something that potentially could *take up too much of their time to read*, is inherently contradictory.

Your comment sucked. I thumbed it up because I like gas masks.

oh that fucking, excuse me ladies, CUNT. Not to disrespect women but thats what we call a true bitch. only way to get around that is at the bottom of a bottle and some good friends. fuck your brother.

His ex already did.

I fucked him as well. It was a party.

Aren't pandas a bunch of cunts?