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Today, I cleaned out my husband's drawer. He had kept every love letter I wrote him for the past 7 years. I smiled, struck by how romantic he was. My bliss was short-lived as I realized that he had also kept every single love letter his other lovers wrote him while we were married. FML
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I'm the one who wrote this FML. I was organizing the drawer because I was trying to find our passports. I confronted him, and he admitted to TWO affairs. A few months ago, when I got sick out of town and had emergency surgery (acute cholecystectomy), I was stuck there almost 2 weeks. He never visited me once, because of "work", even though it's less than 3 hours away. I looked at our bank account--day of my surgery, he was buying sushi for two, and then breakfast the next morning. Oh yeah, he also bought a trip for two to Vegas over Xmas break. A week ago, he told me, via text message, he filed for divorce. So yeah, FML, several times over.

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How sweet. He'll probably keep all the divorce papers that he gets after you leave his cheating ass, too.

Keep the letters as evidence! At least then when you get divorced you'll be able to take all his stuff.


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OP, if you acted as a real wife instead of writing stupid letters there would be no other women. He married YOU for a reason. If you act differently after marriage than when dating, don't be surprised when the man acts different too. Men need physical attention, not letters.

If them letters were sammiches, hed still be with you now. Sorry but FYL

#50, what makes you think she didn't have sex with him in addition to writing him love letters?

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because of the letters from multiple other women. a happily, properly-sexed man is VERY unlikely to go cheat.

Actually, numerous marital research studies have indicated that the majority of unfaithful partners report being happy in their marriage when they chose to cheat. That whole not-gettin'-it-at-home idea might be true in some cases, but isn't statistically supported for the majority of married cheaters. No need to groundlessly add insult to injury and blame someone who was cheated on. One of many:

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you're kind of an idiot, 66. how about some real citations instead of a blog?

Well, wiserman, consider this: We are more than our hormones. Consider this as well: If a spouse does not feel physically satisfied in a marriage... 1: they knew their partner's sex drive and still married them, 2: they should inquire as to why their partner's sex drive has changed Consider this as well: What's to say the man hasn't been the one with the change in sex drive? Perhaps his increased. Either way, talking; after all they are married.

lol i'm not complaining or anything but i noticed that all of your comments have something to do with sammiches

duuh.. who doesnt love a good sammich every now and then :P

Who would keep such things in their drawers?

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not the point. why is she working through someone elses drawer as she goes?

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If you read correctly, it says that person is her HUSBAND. Read correctly before you jump to conclusions. She has the right to clean out the drawers in the house. Geez...what has the world come to where people can't even read properly anymore?

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Btw, that comment was meant for #35

I used to do those with my texts but then i realized it's bad and then deleted them. I also don't like how SOME women (to avoid the possible female angry mob) like looking in certain areas (snooping I guess) I mean, I don't look at their stuff so why do they? Insecureness (if that's even a word)

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How sweet. He'll probably keep all the divorce papers that he gets after you leave his cheating ass, too.

that sucks.... and number 4 is right... she would have known if he was married b4

#4 (They really need to add a Reply button on this iPhone app) Who said he was cheating? They could've been previous marriages. Still an FYL though, OP. Why would he keep those?

...Right so scratch my last comment, my apologies #4. Definitely misread that...

Edit--Oh wow massively misread that..I thought they were passed relationships. Sorry to hear.

Ha! Eye-drop soup! I love it. :) Sorry, OP, your fella's an *ss. :(

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What's the matter? Were they better writers than you?

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Ouch Well I'd say he's a little too girly anyway...what Man KEEPS all love letters? lameo

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perdix 29

I kept my old letters from a previous girlfriend for a few years into my marriage, y'know, just in case! ;) It's kind of stupid to keep records of communications with active lovers -- I call it "evidence."

I'm pretty sure the OP meant her husband kept every picture of his other lovers because a picture is worth a 1,000 words. (atomic bombs begin to fall in the distance) *sighs* I'm going to get some coffee. Anyone want anything?

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And now i have an incredible craving for an everything bagel and cream cheese....damn

Grande Chai tea latte non-fat milk and cinnoman dolce sprinkles *thanks* ;)

That sounds pretty good. I'll have to wait until lunch time to get one for you. I don't get one for about another hour.