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  flotar  |  0

7 is right, why do u even care?!? go out more, meet people, THEN add them in FB... why do u want random people on your list?!?

and @1, you suck.

  chinolatino  |  0

Facebook is a place where you keep in contact with real life friends.. or meet new people because they are mutual friends with someone you know... it's not really adding random people like myspace.
It could be that the OP has many, many rl friends, but no one he knows owns a facebook.

By  Intoxicunt  |  5

So you're a loser. Here's a suggestion that could change that dramatically: Get up, go out, meet real people, hang out, have a life. Coming from someone typing this online, I know it sounds hypocritical haha. But still, that would be the obvious solution.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

And what was it you just did? Ha. Wow, you have to be the most idiotic person on here. Especially considering all your claims were false AND you managed to do exactly what you told me not to do. I'm going to take a guess: you're not very bright, huh?


Facebook or in person, he should have taken the initiative. You can just sit around waiting for people to be friends with you. Sometimes you have to start the friendship...and that's probably why this guy doesn't have any friends.