By Andrew - 02/01/2014 23:49 - Portugal - Lisbon

Today, I sent a message on Facebook to a girl I really like. She replied, "..." It took me three hours to realize she'd actually written it. I thought it was just Facebook telling me she was typing. FML
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Yeah, "seen" and no reply is actually better than that...

Those three dots bring more pain and misery than one will ever know.

bethers_ 22

I've had that happen, too. Op, if she doesn't even have the decency to give you a proper reply, I doubt she would make a very good friend or girlfriend. Find someone who respects you and will give you their time!

I think you should have asked it to her face. People can say all they want on the Internet. But nothing means more if you have the balls to ask her out in person then you get a straight answer instead of what happened...

JokersHQ 21

I don't know how you miss that for three hours but either way it's still funny, I'm sure she'd understand if you told her why you took so long! Good luck!

arandomusernameaa 20

yeh "..." means they don't give a shit... I think she would like it if he didn't reply...

nah it means they don't give a shit and dont want to hurt your feelings

'dont want to hurt your feelings'? Please, I have lost my temper at this classmate of mine multiple times for the same reason. "..." It is extremely insensitive. Its like physically showing you a middle finger is me not wanting to hurt your feelings ( This might turn out confusing. Action that hurt feeling: Saying **** you to you -adds insulting bad stuff-. Action to not hurt your feeling:-point middle finger-. Analogy here I guess.). Not wanting to hurt someone would go somewhere along the lines of a polite formal reply.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Well saying '...' isn't always a bad thing. it shows you're still there and reading what they're sending you. I only send someone just '...' when I REALLY don't know how to respond. Maybe OP messaged her something she didn't know how to respond to.

I hate ellipses, and only use them when I my own thoughts that trail off in a sentence, which is rare. It's not the ellipses themselves that piss me off, just those that can't properly use them. Hey...I was wondering...did you want to come to my house and watch a movie...? It could be a girls night...Tina...Regina...Faye...and I all have agreed to Friday.... Or Hey, how did you like the project I worked really hard on and showed you earlier? It was good... Really, really?! Ugh, did you actually think it was good, was there more to that sentence, are you at a lost for words? And the person that uses them between each pause is no better. Are you quoting someone and just took out the parts to get your message across? No, I don't want to hang out with you; because it seems to me that you are burdened with the obligation of inviting the mutual friend. Ellipses, use them wisely, they can't be misconstrue into many negative forms. OP, this girl isn't worth your time, and you should find yourself someone who can actually construct a readable sentence. Coy is cute, but if you can't decipher it into interested, or disinterested then your time is best spent elsewhere.

Aligator67 12

65, I can't believe I actually read all of that.

Now follow up with a phone call. Ask her out. Start the year with a bang.

arandomusernameaa 20

I doubt she would say yes after dotting him out...

What's the point in writing "...", it's just mean and insulting

arandomusernameaa 20

Because she doesn't want to talk to him... Take the hint, she doesn't like him :/ sorry OP.

Not being interested doesn't mean not having basic courtesy.

It's Facebook, she could have tried being courteous before only to have the guys think; "oh she said no, but she is being nice so I must have a shot. I'll keep messaging her." "..." is also a lot more courteous than "**** OFF YOU ******* FUCKTARD."

challan 19

There is never a reason to be such a douche. Kindness wins every time.

# 26 / Dthsapprntc > Wow conceited, much? A guy can understand a “No thank you” without thinking it means “I wish you’d try harder”. Girls who play childish games like that are either idiots to risk losing a guy they fancy or not really interested anyway. And I disagree “…” is as insulting as cursing. It just shows blatant disrespect and complete lack of interest to what OP said. We don’t even know if he asked her out. It might just have been a message to say hello for all we know. By the way, I’m a girl.

43- With the popularity of songs like Blurred Lines, you can't always be sure they understood.

Conceited? Me? ........ yeah, probably. ;) I do know that most guys umderstand what no means, but there are those that don't. And we don't know what OP said, but we know even less about the girl's situation. And I was just taking the situation to the extreme anyway. Most of what I write should not be taken seriously. Live long and prosper, and may the Force be with you. :-)

'... 'is really an insult now?!?! as bad as getting cused out? to me if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything, if you want them to know you received the message ... is perfect...

skyttlz 32

Sometimes I start something with 3 or 4 dots. Like when I texted "....was it because of me?"

Good thing you didn't reply. It might have been on impulse otherwise.

I think we've all been there, just maybe not for three hours.. FYL OP ahahaha