By Maggie - 10/12/2011 16:45 - Canada

Today, I got my first driving lesson from my dad. We traded seats, I started the car and his entire lesson was, "Go." FML
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The best way to learn is by doing

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Let's hope there are no bystanders close by...

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Not as bad as when your dad is actually a drivers ed teacher who always complains about peoples driving, he gets mad at me for not approaching at a stop sign slow enough, even though I thought I approached it slow and I stopped behind the line haha

Just be thankful thats not how he handled the sex talk.

My first driving lesson was with the whole family when my dad handed me the keys and told me try not an kill anyone.

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My dad would probably just tell me not to wreck the car. :/

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Op: (in his head) now I wonder what pedal makes the car go. And this stick with all the letters, what does that do. Hmm P, for power maybe.

131- everyone knows p stands for push! N is for normal and D is for drag or drift i forget which it is, and R is really fast!!

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Stupid women drivers, don't know how to drive right off the bat...

Driving is easier when your parents shut up :P just be careful, use blinkers and mirrors and don't hit anything :) simple.

Not as simple to some people as you think. People need to learn to shoulder check before changing lanes lol. I've had close calls on my bike where people have merged into my lane without signaling or shoulder checking. And then I get the "I'm sorry didn't see you," lol

Yeah, no one should really take my advice since I'm still a terrible driver :P but whatever

54- why are you on the street with your bike? I dont think you would be in a bike lane if they are trying to get in your lane. Even if there isn't a sidewalk, then you should be close to the curb.

my first driving lesson my mom handed me the keys and read a book in the passenger seat. some people just learn by doing I've never had a problem with driving

63 it is actually illegal to use the side walk for a bicycle most of the time.

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Ever thought it was a "motor"bike aka motorcycle? Also its perfecty legal for bicycles to be on the sidewalk where im from.

In NY, it depends on your age; which makes sense. If you're over 18, you HAVE to ride the bike on the road.

Sorry should've been more clear. I ride a motorcycle:).

138 -- Dude, I still think that Diddy Kong Racing is the greatest racing game ever. Video games can be harder than real life -- case in point, my friend (who would be considered an "advanced driver" by all accounts) was given Gran Turismo 5 and a steering wheel. He crashed into absolutely everything. :/ |the kid|

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What's with all the driving FMLs all of a sudden?!

Well, whatever happens to the car or him, HDI. I hope you didn't bother trying to drive, that would've been a little dangerous. Sorry your dad isn't a very good teacher.

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#9 FranzFerdinand,your 15, what would you know? my dad did the exact same to me and it was fine! as someone stated earlier, you learn by doing and I highly doubt whether her dad would of done what he did if he thought it would have put their lives in danger!

Driving is always dangerous.... you gotta learn somehow.

74- Hm, not gonna argue with you, I obviously wouldn't know much on the topic. I just know that from the point of view of someone who hasn't driven before (like the OP), that'd be a pretty scary situation and I know I would probably freak out. (OP didn't seem too comfortable with the situation either.) But yeah, you're right; OP's feelings don't make her dad a bad teacher. I still say FYL though.

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What else do you do in a car besides make sweet passionate love to random hookers at drive in movies? You go! Geezus on ice skates.

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Dude i love yur profile pic :D