By dajfleasd - 25/07/2009 22:22 - United States

Today, I was getting ready for a date. I spent extra time getting ready in the shower, making sure I was all shaved. I was shaving my upper lip to make sure I didn't have a mustache. I cut my lip really badly, leaving the most noticable razor cut on my face for my date. I'm a girl. FML
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DuhthatsObvious 0

Pluck, thread, or wax instead, smart one.

No No No No No. What the hell were you THINKING shaving your FACE? You know how guys get stubble? You may as well say goodbye to your sex life now before you get too attached.


skankadellified 0

Im sure that its better than you going to the date with a mustache. ...unless he is turned on by that in which case, you have bigger problems.

jessiana7 0

Why did you use a razor? There are other ways to ramove hair. What about waxing or plucking? Is your mustache that noticable?

SoccerPlaya17 0

mustache? ...turn off. but how can yur cut yur lips while shaving a mustache o.O be careful!

figuremeout 0

Agreed. Feminine mustaches shouldn't be shaved. It makes it even thicker. It will make you have a thicker mustache when it grows back. Waxing or hair removal is always best.

redsox4021 0

plucking or pulling breaks the fiber and splits it and more hair will grow back

wintamint101 7

thats why ur supposed to get it waxed

gabybilyk 5

All girls have to wax or "shave" their upper lip we grow hair everywhere

Cassmoneyyy 15

Not true in all cases. Mine is the exact opposite. In fact, it grows slower and lighter now.

Bad luck. Try putting on some cover up or something! :)

The worst thing you can possibly do is put make-up on a wound. That will make it even more noticeable.

cover up is foundation.. as in make up.. that covers up... good job though.

DuhthatsObvious 0

Pluck, thread, or wax instead, smart one.

DuhthatsObvious 0

Actually don't wax, I never have because my aunt told me a horror story about her waxing her upper lip and it scabbing, since waxing does peel off a layer of your skin. Plucking is your best option. I pluck at my upper lip every day while doing things like watching TV, reading, or being on the computer. My upper lip hairs haven't had an opportunity to grow back in in years.

ritzy05 1

i've actually never heard of any of my friends shaving their upper lip... i agree with 3... try one of those or nair or bleach or something. that does suck though!

weaverr 4

#26. ur aunt is wrong, her wax was too hot

26 I wax my entire face and I can assure you your aunt was lying. I've never had issues with scarring.

No No No No No. What the hell were you THINKING shaving your FACE? You know how guys get stubble? You may as well say goodbye to your sex life now before you get too attached.

alex_vik 0

Guys get stubble by not shaving.

Actually, it's by shaving and then having it grow very briefly.

Next time, bleach that shit. If you know you have a should've had that stache taken care of earlier.

DuhthatsObvious 0

Bleach it? Are you stupid? It's still noticeable, and I haven't kissed a girl but I have no doubts that the unlucky bastards who get to feel her bleached mustache rubbing against their face. Like I said, pluck, thread, or wax, even though waxing is pretty risky because it could scab.

SSC_fml 0

Are you stupid? What about those blond girls that don't have to bleach or even remove their hair, it's not like women have the amount of facial hair as boys. You haven't kissed a girl, so you wouldn't know how it feels anyway. And if you really like the girl (otherwise why would you kiss her) You wouldn't notice it because that wouldn't be the biggest issue on your list unless she was the bearded lady from the circus. (And I'm sure people think that's kinky) Bleach works REALLY well on people with lighter skin. Otherwise it would be necessary to wax/thread. Shaving is possibly the worst option.

Umm bro, have you kissed a girl with upper lip hair? It's fairly disgusting when you feel the hair against your upper lift. Now I do agree with your statement on how if you like her you shouldn't mind, which I didn't with my last girlfriend... But would it have been great if she waxed that shit off, and I think she did bleach it once or twice in the 6 months period we dated but the only time it bothered me is when I was kissing her so it did nothing to get rid of the repulsive factor of the mustache. Ladies, please get it waxed. Just like I get my eye brows waxed because I know they are bushy when I don't... Take care of your self, it's extremely attractive...

Yes, your life sucks, but wax that. Shaving will make it grow in faster, thicker, and darker.

That's not true at all. It's an illusion from the hair being cut flat rather than tapered, but it's not darker, thicker, or faster-growing.

I don't necessarily see how that's true, considering that the hair on my legs have grown in thicker and darker in the years I've been shaving and the hair on my upper lip and eyebrows have grown in lighter and more fine in the years I've been plucking and waxing.

Your hair can't possibly respond to being shaved. It's dead, so it simply can't react, and the follicle can't really notice that the hair has been cut. Biologically speaking, the thicker/darker/faster myth makes no sense.

ya, i mean it's simply common sense. the people that put hair grows back thicker and darker in girls heads is misinformed.

I don't care what anybody says.. I have been waxing my legs for a few years and the hair no longer grows on large areas of my legs, Waxing is the way to go people!!

@15 It makes sense that the hair on your legs is getting thicker as you get older, we generally get more hairy with age. And your upper lip and eyebrows are less hairy because you pluck and wax. Plucking/waxing will weaken the follicle over time.

waxing destroys your hair follicles...that's why...because they tend to get ripped out little by little every time you do it

noo! dont shave! you are going to scratch some guys face next time you kiss them. you all may make fun of me but if you really need to wax but dont have any.. use the sticky part of a band aid.. it gets all the hair in like one use. well i dont really have like that much hair on my lip but still.. wtf? shaving? ydi TOTALLY