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  pertained  |  12

lol, emos.

  Takador  |  3

Wait... excuse me???

  ColdplaySucks  |  18

OP shoulda not put male on her online dating profile.

  juicedboi  |  7

As if metro isn't feminine enough... the future looks weak for the race of men.

By  thisguy44  |  0

that's a red faq.. I mean flag haha

  ninjacutie  |  6

Oh My God >.< Ryan Ross rox my sox and if he we're straight I wouldn't HUNT THAT BOY DOWN. anyway don't be weirded out if it doesn't bother u or he looks sexy with it on then it shouldn't matter! I see no problem. btw speaking of Ryan Ross I can't believe he left panic! at the disco (my fav band)

By  hedgerow  |  0

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  the_gabe254  |  0

dont think that's the point. I'm a guy, and I can tell when someone is wearing mascara, guy or girl, I I'm paying attention. it's just a matter of Actually paying enough attention.

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