By wowohwow - 23/06/2011 04:24 - United States

Today, I got all dressed up to go on a date with a guy. Upon getting to my house to pick me up, he told me he'd forgot to put on mascara, and asked if he could borrow some. FML
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Look at it at the bright side! you never have to bring make-up to his house! :)

Aww, how brave of him.


Aww, how brave of him.

give manscara or it counts as gay-_- xD

she was going on a date with captain Jack sparrow

Maybe she's dating that guy from LOST

Wait... excuse me???

I have one thing to say: Gay

otherwise his nose ring would look pretty stupid. Duh.

OP shoulda not put male on her online dating profile.

gay people are STILL human , don't be judgmental bitches .

Awkward way to start a date...

"hey, after im done with this mascara, can i borrow a tampon? oh wait, nvm, i have my own."

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Oh. My. Goth. O_o

adam lambert hehe

lol at least he didn't ask for lip gloss

nothings sexier than manscara

Or he's a kabuki warrior! It's a japanese warrior guy, look it up.

Completely Agree With you on that one.

193- isn't kabuki Japanese theatre?

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spell it right at least if you're gonna try and be a douche.

So... it's a red frequently asked question?? MORON.

Really? You noticed it and didn't change it, but instead put what you meant to put in the same comment

hey dont judge. Maybe he just wanted to look good in the pictures.

#21 he was trying to be funny and call him gay

Look at it at the bright side! you never have to bring make-up to his house! :)

that is a good side ! : )

hahaha good point!! one less thing you have to carry!! lol

So you're going ou with this Tokio Hotel guy?

A guys wears makeup and the first person in your head is Bill Kaulitz? That's odd. Ever heard of Marilyn Manson? Jw.

date with ryan ross? if only he was straight :b

Bill Kaulitz!!!!

I hear she's a nice lady

71- Ryan Ross is SEXY :D

Mr. Kaulitz wears quite a bit more then just mascara. :D

what about the guy from black veil brides? he wears paint too :)

Bill's makeup is always flawless..unlike mine xD

191: hes hot a's fuck!

Oh My God >.< Ryan Ross rox my sox and if he we're straight I wouldn't HUNT THAT BOY DOWN. anyway don't be weirded out if it doesn't bother u or he looks sexy with it on then it shouldn't matter! I see no problem. btw speaking of Ryan Ross I can't believe he left panic! at the disco (my fav band)

surprised he didnt ask for eyeshadow

so what's next red lipstick ? :P

So did you lend it to him?!

good question. I'd like to hear the answer to this. lol

Well, now you have a conversation starter !

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dont think that's the point. I'm a guy, and I can tell when someone is wearing mascara, guy or girl, I I'm paying attention. it's just a matter of Actually paying enough attention.

i hope he didnt forget the eyeliner to go with it!

Eyeliner is hot on guys. Well some guys depends on their style..

On a lot of guys it looks really trashy. I haven't really seen any guy pull it off... unless it's a celebrity.

Jared Letto looks good with guyliner lol

man mascara, yum :P jk

haha it's called manscara and guyliner.

58- its prob more around the line of gayscara :p

gayscara us more like offense op ;D